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By | 20/02/2022

Hempire: Plant Growing Game is a perfect casual strategy mobile game. This game is rich in content. This app worked on iOS and Android British Columbia’s LBC Studios created devices.

This application allows you to grow various qualities of cannabis, and then you can extract flowers and extracts to resell to your virtual customers. The goal is to create a real empire with the cultivation and sale of cannabis.

Here you need to use weeds to conquer the world. You need to cultivate plants carefully and cultivate more robust hybrids through high technology. The police and black-hearted people in business, who are ill-intentioned, cannot find the grass fungus.

But it depends on your own opinion! As it is legal doesn’t mean you are safe! Hempire is a ridiculous, shady storyline, so be prepared to deal with the gloomy scenes of local police and business people, while also helping old ladies bake a chocolate cake.


Hempire: Plant Growing Game MOD APK is one of the most acclaimed games in the category. And while the gaming world assumes that marijuana has become 100% legal, you still have some challenges ahead. For example, you have corrupt police officers watching your every move and dubious businessmen who want to profit from the profits you make.

There is also a multiplayer mode here. For example, the Hempire Cup, where you compete against virtual weed growers from all over the world, produces the highest quality strain.

Start growing more strains and making money with them in a game world where cannabis is legal. It isn’t easy to get to the top and conquer the game.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a marijuana tycoon? Here’s what it does for you. In this game, you will deal with everything that the marijuana production chain requires:

Cultivation of the most famous varieties of grass (such as Sweet Berry, Orange Bud, and Master Kush)

  • Inventing new hybrids
  • Improve cultivation equipment and tools
  • Prepare many cannabis products (CBD oil and much more)
  • Grow your business
  • Investing money in the city and other business fields
  • One possibility is to play with your friends online, inviting them to the Hempire Cup to challenge you and promote the new varieties of hemp that you have produced.
  • Provide the growth, harvest, sale, and collection of over 30 plants.
  • Care for the growth of plants, be careful of pests and diseases, and avoid dehydration of plants and insufficient nutrients
  • Every plant has its unique growth cycle
  • Pay attention to daily management, such as lighting, ventilation, fertilizer, water supply, and other aspects
  • The chat function allows you to meet other farmers and show off the fruits of your labor
  • Increase your continuous learning skills, you can get more profitable plants, but it is more difficult to plant
  • Increase the display of the grower rankings


If you like to play construction simulations, you must inspect this funny app. And after only a few minutes, you could see that this is much more than just a minor game of skill, in which a few plants have to be watered and processed.

Grow Hashish

It all starts in a small, shabby shack. And a tutorial makes it easy to get started. You have a pot and seeds for a simple hashish plant. You can always grow it without the use of play money, so it is no problem if you run out of money at first.

The important thing here is the water, which must be poured onto the plant at regular intervals. If you forget it, it will destroy the harvest. During the game, there are a lot of extras which you can get more out of the plants.

Make Sure the Environment Is Clean

We are not sure if there will be more customers if you repair unconventional things in your city. But for every repair, you will get a random object. In the beginning, you only have to worry about broken park benches, garbage cans, and road damage.

You will also find the first useful utensil, which is a lamp. You can hang these directly over one of your pots and increase the production.

Produce and Sell

Several people in the city are always happy to buy your products. Visit them regularly and provide them with what they want. It is also part of missions that bring in additional money and useful objects.

Gradually, you will meet more and more people, and their buildings will be unlocked. Your neighbor is a hot bride who runs a workshop. You can get various upgrades for your premises and provide her with the resources.

In this game, it’s not just the virtual joint that you sell on the street corner. As with most farming games, it can make various products with your harvest. How about a hash cake or some delicious hash cookies?


Hempire Mod Apk is a new mobile game on iOS and Android that, as you can tell from the title, focuses on your adventures as a marijuana grower.

It is your chance to develop unusual varieties of weed, make friends and foes throughout the game, and take control of the weed city. There are some similar alternatives such as Weed Factory Idle and Bid Wars.

Check out our reviews, tips, and tricks for Hempire if you need help to get started. Before you reach your goal, you must start slow, and these tips might help you get the most out of your past days of gaming.

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