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That’s right, this is another super fun big-head sports game. But if that’s all, there’s nothing to say. Head Basketball MOD APK is a 1v1 big-head basketball game that whether you like it or not, you still get addicted to when playing.
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Originated from the United States, basketball is a team sport that needs to have two teams to start playing. But with Head Basketball, you won’t play in an ordinary way. Skills aren’t found in common people such as emitting fire or freezing. And you can still choose a basketball player for yourself, then you will confront your opponent. Let’s discover the difference between Head Basketball Mod Apk.


Decorate unique character

Head Basketball is a sports game offered by D&D Dream. You can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. The game is just for a single player, but you can play with others in Multiplayer mode. You can play anywhere because the game doesn’t require an Internet connection.

With some different basketball games, the basketball players will be designed as real people. But Head Basketball will be different, the characters are very unusual but still cute. A large head, two arms, and two legs, especially the body which is an important part doesn’t appear. The reason comes from the large head. It replaces the body and connects the arms and legs. This is a special point of the game that brings many new experiences for the players. The characters will have both female and male. And your character also can express emotions. They will be angry when their competitor throws a ball into a net or happy when they win. Moreover, your characters can be injured when they collide with an opponent. These things make the game look more lively.

Besides, sound helps matches to be more vivid. The cheers of audiences, the sounds of clapping to soundtrack, … They also create the feeling of cheerful while you are playing the game. In addition, locations that take place the basketball match is different. From a stadium, a garden in Japan to a beach or a football ground. You will always feel new about the game.

Only one basketball player in your team

A basketball team will have 5 people. But with Head Basketball, your team just has a person. So the player will play the game that just takes place between two people. Besides, the game has provided 39 characters with different names from many countries for the player. Those countries can be Korea, Japan, Spain, Canada, the United States, and so on. You can choose the character for each match. In the game, the character that comes from Korea (Taemin) is your first basketball player. The remaining characters have been locked. To unlock, you need to complete the mission that the game requires or use points. With the character of Japan, the player will have to win against 12 opponents in Arcade mode or use 100,000 points to unlock immediately. But Sophie who is the female character of the Netherlands needs to have 3,500,000 points or a complete ending without losing total of 30 points or more in Death mode.

In Head Basketball, your main target is to earn as many scores as possible. The player will control their character to throw the ball into the net of the opponent. When the match is out of time, the team with more points will win. But the matches aren’t simple. The different characters will have different ability shots. Turn into a bull or create a snake to wrap your character or own hypnotism, … These ability shots help the character to throw the ball accurately and quickly. You just can use the ability shot when the gauge is full. Click on “Ability” button to use. Your opponent also can counterattack your ability shot. If they press “Swing” button and touch the flying ball with their hand. To dash quickly toward that direction if you need to tap the double “L” or “R” button. If your team wins, you will receive a reward and stat points. The player can use the stat points to upgrade the character’s skills such as HP, jumping, speed, strength, …

In addition, you can decorate your characters with a variety of costumes for each part of the body from head to foot. The game has provided hats, glasses, masks, gloves, shoes for the players. These items are bought in “Shop” by the points and their price are quite high. Green cap costs up to 60,000 points. The points will be given when you win the match. Try to win the opponents to buy many costumes for your characters.

Six game modes

With Head Basketball, you will have various experiences through 6 game modes. Those are Arcade, Campaign, Tournament, Survival, League, Death. In Arcade Mode, the player will compete against each opponent in turn. You won’t meet the next opponent if you don’t overcome the previous opponent. When you have unlocked the new character, you will compete with the opponents again. With the second mode – Campaign, the player just has to compete with 6 different opponents to receive a cup. If you lose the opponent, you will start afresh. Compete with 6 opponents again. But with Survival, you will win if you throw the ball into the net before the opponent. Discover the remaining codes. They will bring attractive things for you.

Head Basketball has supported many languages for the players. There are 10 languages such as Chinese, Japan, French, German, Thai, … They will help the player to understand the requirements of the game better.


With antagonistic gameplay, you just need to compete with one opponent in each match. Besides, you can choose the basket player from many countries. The different abilities of the character will bring dramatic matches for the players. Moreover, the variety of costumes and modes will make you feel interested. Head Basketball is a large challenge if you want to conquer all modes.

In addition, the character looks so cute with a large head which helps the game attract many players. The vivid sounds make you absorb the atmosphere of the matches. And you also can play with players around the world. You just need to connect to the Internet. Start to experience Head Basketball.

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