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Greatest. Farm. Ever. Welcome to Hay Day, the most well-liked farming sport on mobiles and tablets, primary in 122 nations.

Be taught the lay of the land, are likely to your crops, and commerce items with neighbors and buddies. It’s an actual particular place the crops by no means die though it by no means rains. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals solely makes issues extra enjoyable!

PLEASE NOTE! Hay Day is free to obtain and set up. Nonetheless, some sports gadgets will also be bought for actual cash. If you do not need to make use of this characteristic, please arrange password safety for purchases within the settings of your Google Play Retailer app. A community connection can also be required.

Hay day is also a very famous game, with amazing interface and graphics, it has made its name on the list of some most engaging games. It is also recognized as the best farm game ever made, and it is played worldwide by millions of regular active players.

People of almost every age group plays this game. This game has a very wide range of content, like, you have to do the job of a farmer and a manager at once with a lot of knowledge of the economic industry. A lot of fun jobs including fishing is also included within the game.

Hay Day also comes with some interesting in-built features like chatting with friends and neighbors. This gives the game an advantage over others.

For being a good economist within the game you need to plant plants, raise animals, and get economic benefits from them. In this game, efficiency is directly proportional to becoming a good farmer (and rich too). There is also a limit over the inventory, that prevents players from overproducing something so that it doesn’t get wasted at the end.

Simple, because in this mod we provide you with unlimited everything that includes coins, gems, and seeds, etc. In addition to all of this, you also some advantages like you will never get de-ranked within the game. With 3D simulation style, this game is bright and everything feels kinda real.

The background music is simple and jazz, which never lets you get bored. In short, the game will engage you and will pass your time during boring college lectures, and library hours. With over 20 million downloads, this one is a treat to play.


  • Develop and customize your farm
  • Commerce crops and recent items with neighbors and buddies by your very personal roadside store
  • Fulfill orders along with your truck and even by steamboat
  • Restore your dock and solid your lure to fish the waters
  • Construct your individual city and welcome guests
  • Chat with your friends, family or neighbors at the same time
  • Intense graphics and familiar images
  • Unlocked Roadise Shop

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Serving as a product that sparked the Zynga invasions on mobile platforms, Farmville 2: Country Escape carries a lot of expectations from both the developer and the fan community. The game inherits the legendary gameplay formula from its predecessor.

Farmville 2: Country Escape vividly and simulates the process of farm management from proper life. They base this management on a circulatory system with high association arranged in many layers. If you want to have products such as milk and flour, you need to go through processes such as farming, planting, transplanting, and processing.

Each stage will have a building, an animal, or a representative crop to help create many products. It also divides the finished product system into several levels that you can combine them with early products to create more diversified and premium types.

The gameplay of Farmville 2: Country Escape is not only on its cohesion but also on the richness in execution. Players in the game can have access to many types of buildings, animals, and plants. Through processing, you can make them into countless different dishes and drinks.

Possessing such a fortune, it provides the player with a store and trade mechanism by Farmville 2: Country Escape. It is where players directly reap their achievements through bonuses and experience points to level up. However, the more you go into the game, the more players will find themselves constrained by the limited size of the warehouse, while the only way to expand is to convert to real money.

Farmville 2 also has many other forms of actual money, especially through the use of keys to speed up the production process. This form of general intangibility limits the freedom and right to expand the farm in Farmville 2: Country Escape, making the player experience more restrictive than in Farmville. Also, the number of decorative items is not much, partly making the player less opportunity to express their personality.


In farm games, it’s impossible not to mention Township. It is a unique game that combines the life of the countryside and the city. In this game, we will experience farming in the city’s heart and using modern tools to grow crops, raise livestock, or use helicopters to deliver goods.

The first thing to do is to plant and harvest rice. To do this, first, click on any empty piece of land, then press and drag the rice plant icon into the patches of land. Wait a moment, when the rice is ripe, touch the paddy field, then press and drag the sickle to the rice field. Each time we harvest, we will receive the same amount of rice as the number of crops and experience. Also, when we level up, we will plant more different crops.

Not only cultivating but when playing this game, everyone can also raise many kinds of animals. The animal that you will have to raise first is the cow. To raise this animal, you need to press on the barn. If you want to feed them, you need to touch and hold the bundle of grass close to the cow. Each time you collect milk, you will receive a bottle of milk. Buy more or continue to feed cows. So, you can get more milk. During this game, you can raise other animals when you reach a certain level.


Besides some buildings that are available or purchased at the early levels, Hay Day also has more unlocked buildings at later levels, including wells, food stalls in front of farms, and board events. There are interesting features like chatting with neighbors, visiting neighbors’ houses, and taking part in events at the following levels will create a richer and more immersive gaming experience than ever!

Besides the features mentioned in the article, Hay Day MOD APK also has many other features that you will discover more when playing at a high level. You can find gaming information and tips on Google or Hay Day’s Fan Page on Facebook.

Also, there is a more convenient way to lookup game information, if you install the Hay Day Fan Wiki application on your iOS device. The application will synthesize everything about the game such as seeds and germination times, machines, and how to combine materials to make products.

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