GFX Tool for PUBG APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v10.2.0

By | 07/01/2022

No one plays mobile games without knowing PUBG Mobile (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), the fiercest, most epic online battle royale battlefield today. Sadly not everyone can download this game to play. However, the configuration that requires too much, along with the sound and graphics requirements when playing, is a sharp point for mid-range mobile devices, so GFX Tool for PUBG Mobile has always been the desire of many mobile game enthusiasts.

However, the lag and stuttering situation when playing PUBG Mobile also happens on mid-range phones and with high-ends. But the good news is that now there is an effective tool that can somewhat intervene and help customize the graphics settings of the mobile game to run the game without lagging. That “magic tool” is GFX Tool for PUBG.

Note before downloading GFX Tool for PUBG.

Before going into detail on the main features of this application, I have two points that I want to clarify. Firstly: GFX Tool for PUBG is not made by a PUBG Mobile manufacturer but is a third-party product. Second: installing and using GFX Tool for PUBG may cause errors and, worst, lose your PUBG account. The reason I will talk about it later. In general, you need to consult and check carefully for information to see if it is compatible with the phone you are using or not before downloading it.

What is GFX Tool for PUBG?

Now I talk about GFX Tool for PUBG. This application helps players “unlock” full HD graphics, either at 60 frames per second or other graphic settings in the PUBG Mobile game.

GFX Tool for PUBG does this thanks to its ability to drill down into the game’s programming to modify PUBG Mobile game texture files. From there, users have more options on the level of more suitable images for their phones and play games more smoothly, with less lag or stuttering. This intervention process is, of course, not allowed by the game maker. They consider it is a type of bypass, cheating game without permission. So since 2018, a representative of PUBG Mobile has held a press conference to announce a ban on using this application GFX Tool for PUBG when playing their games.

So before downloading, you need to consider it carefully.

And if anyone is determined to use GFX Tool for PUBG to improve the PUBG Mobile experience on their mobile device, let’s see the main features of this helpful app.

Adjust the resolution of the device up to 1080p

The original requirement for the fps of the PUBG Mobile game is relatively high; almost only high-end, modern, large-capacity devices can meet it. So reducing the graphics standard requirements means expanding the ability to download and play games for many other mid-range and high-end phones. In other words, GFX Tool for PUBG helps the phone “pretend” to have a very high frame rate of up to 1080p, making the game understand that your phone meets the requirements.

Also, GFX Tool for PUBG helps unlock HDR graphics on mid-and low-profile phones, making the image recognition on the device much better than usual. This is good for the temporary gaming experience, but it’s also not so suitable for your phone in the long run.

Shadow and anti-aliasing features

These are all essential visual and motion effects, making PUBG Mobile a big name in the mobile graphics industry. When using GFX Tool for PUBG, you can actively intervene to turn these features on or off while playing to help the device recognize the movements and visual effects, lighting, and explosions in the game more smoothly.

Customize optimization in Zero Lag and Battery Efficient modes

Playing PUBG Mobile is prone to lag and consumes a massive battery. Of course, that is the opinion of anyone who has ever experienced this famous game. But when you have GFX Tool for PUBG in hand, you will be able to adjust the Zero Lag actively and Battery Efficient modes in your device to minimize frame lag or battery consumption while playing the game. Reluctantly, GFX Tool for PUBG uses all kinds of methods to intervene deep inside both the machine and the game to make the game performance stronger, providing the smoothest experience when playing PUBG Mobile. But the long-term consequences after that are unknown.

App features

• Change resolution

• Unlock HDR graphics and all FPS levels

• Fully control Anti-aliasing and shadows

• And many more other useful options

All game versions are supported.

How to use GFX Tool

• Close game if it’s currently running before starting GFX Tool

• Choose your version of your game

• Customize the graphics according to your desires and device capabilities.

• Once everything is set, click on Accept and Run Game

Download GFX Tool for PUBG APK & MOD for Android

But there are still many cases, some devices when downloading GFX Tool for PUBG to use are still not too harshly interfered with the device and the game, so it can still be used to increase the gaming experience without getting the game manufacturer’s report. Anyway, you should carefully check the information to see whether you should download it or not.

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