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By | 27/03/2022

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is not a game for the faint of heart. It laughs, mocks the player, and deprives him of everything literally in one moment, making him go crazy. Players continue to buy it, record videos with it, and stream it. The game mentioned Bennett Foddy in the title. He is also in charge of QWOP, a runner game that was also awkward to play. The buttons used by the character give the name. This project is a little different. You control a strange man in a cauldron who moves with his sledgehammer, using it as a fulcrum. The goal is to climb to the top of a tall and strange mountain


The main feature is the chance to lose all progress at one point and start over. The game is full of dastardly ledges and cliffs that contribute to this. The overall picture includes philosophical monologues of Bennett himself, telling about the essence of failures and striving forward.


Getting Over It is based on the “got something to lose” principle. The player takes on the role of a character who sits in a cauldron, and at the same time needs to climb the mountain with a hammer. Playing it as difficult and inconvenient as it sounds – while every mistake can easily make the protagonist fall off the slope and fall to the foot of the mountain – at the very beginning of the path. The latter circumstance usually becomes the reason for the rage of players.


Getting Over It differs from many other games with a knockback mechanic. The whole game is not a set of short levels or locations, but one big world. When a player inadvertently falls, he has to fly past many familiar ledges, trees, and other objects, which he reached with such difficulty.

When falling, the hero does not break, as he must rise and continue the path. This is not a new life or a new attempt – it is a continuation of the same exhausting path. The man in the cauldron fell from the very top, and now he needs to climb it again. Feel the completely different, more difficult emotional experience. The idea is not to give the player time to breathe, as multi-try games do.


If you have already played Getting Over It on a PC, then you can learn a new gaming experience by controlling the hero in the cauldron using the touch screen. If earlier, it was possible to blame a computer mouse, joystick, or the universe for the reasons for the failure. Now all the responsibility falls on the phone screen or your fingers. That is to say, who is good at what? In any case, management has become not only more difficult but also more inconvenient. The thing about any movement is three times, try on and use different approaches. What is most annoying, falling while playing on an Android device can hurt more.


Getting Over It has nothing to do with the notion of beautiful graphics, detail, and everything so fascinating for modern players. The main emphasis here is on the challenge to oneself, and the picture and sound simply help to unleash the potential of this statement. Around a mountain of rubbish, various objects, and nothing else. Use the only game mechanic to get to the top.

Conclusion of GETTING OVER

How to make a game so that it does not become regular sports entertainment? Games are created only for entertainment, but can you do something more? Getting Over It is like an audiobook, but it’s still something different. We don’t know if we will climb to the very top someday. However, if in life you experience a crisis or disappointment from your fall, it would be useful to remember this game.

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