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By | 23/03/2022

After the success of Gacha Life, developer Lunime has released more Gacha Club. Once again, you will be immersed in a fun cartoon world with cute anime characters.

Now, you not only design anime characters but also a lot of other new things to explore. Let me find out briefly about this game!

Gacha Club is still a game casual category. Join the game, you will be free to design, wear the best clothes and explore the magical world of anime characters.

There are many things you can do in this game. Create a favorite character, and write a hilarious story with other imaginary friends. Join adventure characters to new lands or fight aggressive monsters.

Revealing a little, Gacha Club also has a lot of fun mini-games!


The story, tower, and battle modes make a return in Gacha Cute Mod with no changes from Gacha Club. There are 600 poses you can use if you want to show off, while you can also import your characters into the game so you don’t have to redo them. There are pets also feature in this new game modification, and you can interact with them in the same way as before.

Technical issues

While Gacha Cute Mod is a faithful replica of Gacha Club, there are some technical problems that aren’t as exciting. Some people have struggled with installing it, while it’s also been known to crash on some devices. Still, it’s a great game to play if you’re into customizing and dressing your characters more than playing the adventure modes.

A new Gacha Club

Gacha Cute Mod does an incredible job of bringing new content to the world of Gacha Club. Even if you’ve never played the original title, you’ll still have loads of fun learning from scratch. The main premise of the mod is that you’ll receive plenty of new items to add some new flair, bringing back the excitement if you’ve lost interest along the way.

Create your anime characters

The world of Gacha Club comes to life more than ever when it has hundreds of characters to choose from. And to start the adventure, you need to choose a character to incarnate.

Personalize the character in the style that you secretly dreamed of. The game offers a much larger number of customized items than Gacha Life. You can change your face to small details such as eyes, nose, lips, eye colors, … Choose from hundreds of trendy outfits, hairstyles, accessories and weapons. Along with that are more than 600 interesting costumes for you. Do not miss it!

Besides, you also have the opportunity to own hundreds of cute pets. They can take you for a walk down the street or help you impress a girl! And the special thing is that these pets are not just normal pets, they are shoulder to shoulder with you on the battlefield.

Create your own interesting story

What I love most about playing Gacha Club is that I can create funny short stories with my characters. This game allows composing and saving up to 15 scenes. You can choose the background, context or create your own elements that fit the content. Also, do not forget to add your favorite characters and let them talk to each other with custom text boxes. That interestingly, right?


It can be said that Gacha Club is an extremely attractive game. Not only is it entertaining, but it also stimulates the players’ creativity when they create cute chibi anime characters. What more could you expect? Join the game to experience the colorful life and write your own story.

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