Fun Run 3 Mod APK

By | 12/02/2022

It’s a racing game with 130 Million+ downloads and the third chapter of the Fun Run saga. So it’s ranked at the top in the racing game category in the play store.

It takes the racing game experience to the next level with its graphics, cool animals, and gameplay. But players were unsatisfied, so we are providing its mod version.

It includes Unlimited money, gems, and other mods to make better gameplay. You can download it from this page for free.

Knock all of your competition to the sidelines when you play Fun Run 3 for Android. Nothing can get in your way as you blast, knock, and blow your rivals out of your way!

There are more than a 100million other players in this popular platforming title! But, it’s no wonder so many people are addicted to this amazing game. Simple controls, amazing visuals, and satisfying gameplay make for the perfect experience.


The third chapter in Fun Run: Fun Run is back with amazing 8-player competitive racing! There’s so much fun and excitement to be had with challenging your friends, or even strangers. Race and defeat anyone who stands in your way of victory! This is the best racing platformer around in the app store!

  • Exciting gameplay: When playing Fun Run 3, you enjoy all of the amazing aspects of the first 2 games. Race against opponents and avoid any obstacles that may slow down your path to victory! But wait, if another player is an obstacle just crush them before they can make it to the finish line! By far the most satisfying platforming and racing game you can have!
  • Arena Mode: The Arena Mode will have 8 different character compete in a race for the gold! Although, only 3 can make it and receive their reward of gold, silver, or bronze at the end. The fastest of these cute and cuddly creatures are able to boast as winners, the losers must unfortunately eat their dust!
  • Create a Clan with Friends: Run alongside your friends in a group clan! You have the options to join your buddies or even strangers for some amazing multiplayer racing action. It’s a race to the finish line and only the best will make it!
  • Show Off with Different Customizing OptionsFun Run 3 also has a wide assortment of accessories and cute critters to use during gameplay. Customize yourself to look the coolest, smartest, funniest, or whatever you prefer!

Additional Features

  • 2v2 Clan Battles
  • 30+ more power-ups compared to the previous games.
  • Arena Mode: A new racing mode with 8 players!
  • Real-time races in the online multiplayer mode
  • Slam & Slide: New abilities that will surprise your opponents
  • Flex your character with various customizing options, it’s almost overwhelming!
  • Tons of new levels to race in.
  • A Leaderboards system that allow for even more competitive action. Who will turn out as #1?


Fun Run 3 looks amazing! The cute creatures will perform various actions as they race through fully-stylized levels. As a platformer, there are also many set pieces to keep you interested in each level.

An interesting game worth to download and play

I think Fun Run 3 is a perfect upgrade and has fixed some bugs compare to the previous version. The graphics quality is improved dramatically as well as many more features. If you are a fan of the racing game or like Fun Run 2, you should not be miss this game. Please select a version that suits you in the links below and download the game for free. Don’t forget, jogging is a great way to keep your body healthy, so let go jogging every day!


How to Get Fun run two hacked accounts?

Join our Telegram channel, and you can get it from there for free.

How to get free Unlimited coins on Fun Run

Our Mod version will provide you with unlimited coins and gems.

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=> Yes, the connection is entirely safe without any virus. You can be assured about it.

Will I get to explore all the features over here?=> This version of Fun Run 3 Free mod APK is wholly packed with all the latest features and specialties. You can play the game without any lag.

Will I earn Unlimited Rewards by Playing this Game?

=> Yes, you can earn as much reward as you want. All you need to do is get better at the game and cross levels.

Is the Fun Run 3 games Fun?

=> Yes, indeed, it is one of the highest-rated classic racing games on the market. More than 120 million people download it for a reason.


If you are looking for a simple yet enjoyable game packed with performance and extreme graphics, indeed, the Fun run is the best option.

You can Download Fun Run 3 Mod APK on your device hassle-free. It works with the latest and mid-level android phones, which means you will not require a costly device to enjoy the game.

Here, every tiny detail from download links to special features is covered.

You can reach us via comments in case of queries. Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for future updates.

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