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By | 12/02/2022

If you are a lover of the restaurant game genre that is old-fashioned with familiar versions, Food Street will be an alternative for you. The game features cooking, restaurant management, and farm building. You are not only the owner of a restaurant but also the owner of a farm.

Food Street is a very fun simulated business mobile game. The game uses 3D European and American painting styles with Q cute character design, bringing players into an endless cooking world. In the game, players need to collect ingredients from all over the world and make delicious dishes through recipes.

To meet the various needs of guests, you need to work hard to improve your cooking skills and build a world-renowned restaurant. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Let’s explore the specialness of this game right in this article!


The mobile game Food Street comes from the British company SuperSolid. The game screen is colorful, and the actions of the NPCs inside are also vivacious. We fell in love with this game right after we downloaded it.

After entering the game, there will be cute teaching first, and the game will officially start after the end. First, because it comes from a British company, the original language setting is English. And we can change it to different languages in the language setting.

For convenience, we would like to introduce the game to the five elements as the construction of building decoration, transactional, chef activities, truck tasks, and club.

Building decoration

Enter the game lobby and click the paintbrush icon on your finger. The options on the left column one plot from the various classes of food station paging, gold, and time that it takes to build.

We can make the bread after we cover the bakery. Some of them cannot be unlocked yet. You need to wait for the level to reach a certain level. Below the bread are the crops growing from farmland.

Crops are a very important link. We will use it no matter what kind of food and we can sell them separately. The second page illustrates chick fruit trees planted. Finally, the third page of the chair icon has multiple categories such as a table, door, window, and decoration.

From this tab, you can purchase multiple items with diamonds and coupons. We get all the items for decorating the restaurant from this tab. As you update the event, you can change different decorations to decorate the restaurant. Most of the time, Anna spends a lot of time changing the theme of the restaurant because the special effects of many decorations are cute.

Look at the special effects of the decorations of the Christmas event. It is super useful and eye-catching. The fourth dog icon is a tab for pets. Some items that require the use of products to activate special effects appear here, but we purchase almost all of them with a ticket.

For example, you need to supplement the music dancing machine with cornbread to start, and the guests are dancing happily. The fifth-floor icon is a decorative floor. You need to unlock gold coins or coupons to get it. Through the above icons, you can carry out most of the actions of building food stands and decorating restaurants.

Transaction class

The icon of this transaction is to sell your products to other players while you can also buy things sold by others. The word “World” is to buy other people’s things, and we will usually sell them quickly. If you have a favorite speed, you must be fast.

The stall girl is also one of the trading channels, even if there are special effects for selling things will be different.

Chef tasks

It will award points for completing tasks specified by the chef. The meter above the picture is the amount achieved at this stage. You will not be eligible to take part in the challenge until the second milestone. And every time we reach a milestone, we will get various coupons, tools, and gold coins randomly.

The challenge appears after reaching the second milestone. The system will rank you in the same game with dozens of other people who have reached the second milestone. Once you have a higher rank in the competition, you will fight for the place.

There are 10 blue tickets for the first place award, which decreases in descending order. If you have a lot of time to redeem tasks, you can do more tasks and redeem milestone ticket rewards.

However, there is also a small game strategy for players who do not want to keep fighting for rankings but want to get some tickets. Reach the second milestone before the end of the chef activity and then redeem a little of quest points to keep yourself in the first place and make sure you can get the first prize (10 blue ticket coupons).


Food Street MOD APK is a restaurant management game, but it is more like a migraine restaurant decor game. Players have to build various food shops, make food, sell them to get gold coins, and then use gold coins to buy decoration materials.

There are three general currencies for buying things in the food court: gold coins, diamonds, and coupons. We can get gold coins through various transactions. Diamonds are mainly used to store value or give away achievements. You can use diamonds to buy things, speed up time, or lose anything.

The ticket volume is relatively poor, got only through chef activities, truck tasks, and club activities. The ticket volume has four kinds such as yellow, gray, red, and blue. It can purchase accessories, pets, exchange tokens. We have introduced how these three fun activities are carried out. If you have questions, please leave a message and ask!

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