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By | 05/03/2022

We, Indians, are very proud of our armed forces “Indian Army” and are perpetually obliged for their heroic services in keeping us safe and secure. They really struggled and sacrificed a lot in serving our nation, and keeping us safe from all the outsiders or rivals, without even taking a single family holiday. Being proud of the Indian Army Forces, the Founder and Chairman of nCore Games developed a breathtaking Android game based on the Army Fight named FAUG.

FAU-G, Fearless and United guards is an impeccable Android game covering engaging graphics and motivational Indian Hindi dialogues. They officially launched their very first season recently on 25th January 2021 and conquered over 1 Million downloads in just three days of arrival. Well, they just have launched a Career gaming mode where you’re needed to complete the most challenging missions based on realistic northern border wars.

So all you need now is to download FAUG Mobile right now from the below-most download link. The game is right now launched only for the already pre-registered user, who already had registered it two months ago on Google Play Store. But through the below link, you can download it merely and can install in any Android smartphone either if you’ve subscribed to it or not.

What will be there in FauG games?

The Fauji game download apk 1.0 beta version will contain a lot of guns, bombs, swords, and many other things including vehicles and maybe airplanes if possible. This will have amazing graphics and this is the most common reason for which people are waiting for the FauG Download apk file.

Although, no one can say perfectly when an event is going to happen. But most probably the Faug game Download apk will come at the end of October. We hope that the Game comes as soon as possible.

According to media and other sources, FauG game download release date is in October 2020, and between 10 to 20 October the game will be available on the play store. The launch of FauG game event will be live and can be seen through YouTube.

The exact faug game download apk release date will be known when it will get launched. Till then you will have to wait. Even we are waiting for the game for sure.

FauG game download apk beta version

Maybe, now the beta version of the faug game is available. You can download the beta version of Faug Game easily from the Internet. The beta version of the app is named the Faug beta 1.0 version. So you can use these words to get the beta versio

Picsart Mod

key Root

How to download FauG game download APK on android?

For now, the app is not available on the Play Store or AppStore but soon it will be. FauG Game Download Apk can be downloaded by following the steps:

  1. Go to Play Store or AppStore.(Make sure Internet is on)
  2. Search for the FauG games in the search box.
  3. Tap on the FauG game by ncore. (You may see some ake apps also but avoid them)
  4. Now click on the install button to download Faug game. 
  5. The game is installed on your mobile and you can play and enjoy the game.

Conclusion Of FauG games

FAUG APK is a breathtaking army game invented by Indian game developers. It’ll make you confront the real Northern wars, and help you experience yourself between all the rivals and fighting alone with the legendary Indian Melee weapons like Axe, Pipe, and Club. Moreover, it’ll also publish two exceptional multiplayer modes, Team Deathmatch and Free For All with the weapons like Guns and Throwables. Get ready for the elite fun, and download the FAUG APK right now from the below link!

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