Fashion Story Mod Apk

fashion story mod apk

This is an amazon game called fashion story mod apk in which you own a Fashion store and your aim is to fill your store with new and trendy new clothes. Select the best latest fashion and designs, stock them in your store to make them more attractive. You can also customize your store according to your desire and change rooms by preparing the changing room before opening the shop. As all store-related stuff is done it’s time to open the doors as the massive rush of people is waiting outside on the sidewalk. Let the customer enjoy the best shopping experience and help them to buy the best clothing for themselves.

You can also make the latest trends and showcase your original products to the customers. Style each customer with awesome outfits, accessories, and more. This game has many types of stuff to style and gets the best look for yourself such as casual outfits, party wear, professional outfits, handbags, glasses, ornaments like rings, lockets, and many more. The more you sell the more you can earn. You can use the earned money and gems to then unlock new dresses and other stuff. This will help you to attract new and more customers to your shop. The stuff you have to more customers will visit your shop.

It is a multiplayer online game in which you can play with your friends by connecting your game with your friends. Add your friends and visit their stores, grow some new ideas from their store, and see all their upgrades. Implement them in your store that will help you to grow and expand your business. To Download Fashion Story MOD APK Unlimited Money”, just tap on the link given down below. Download, install and Enjoy!


Storyline Of Fashion Story Mod Apk

The fashion story app grants you permission to take charge of a shopping store. Your duty is to sell the latest trending fashion dresses, makeup, and everything to increase your sales. If you will show good progress then famous fashion designers will request you to show off their products in your store.

First of all, you must have to prepare yourself in a perfect way. You know if the owner will perfect the buyers will get attracted automatically. There are a lot of customization options like makeovers and dressing. So try to choose the perfect thing for yourself to attract people to the fashion story store.

After making the perfect look then the times come to give deals on your boutique and shopping store. And this thing will automatically catch the people towards your fashion story stores. As more people come to your shop your popularity will automatically increase. All the game is about making yourself a perfect fashion adopter and a fashion owner.

There are a lot of key features in the team lava fashion stories. By which it is today famous with more than 10M+ registered users. If you want to get a detailed idea about this game before installing it into your mobile then read all the features below here in full detail.

Build Your Own Store

The first and interesting feature of this game is that you can build your own store. In your store, you can put the clothes of famous designers. It’s your duty to sell more clothes in your store. If you will increase your sales then the top fashion designer will attract you and try to shake hands with you in stories mod apk.

A Huge Variety Of Clothes

To look more awesome and beautiful, the fashion story enchanted grants you a huge variety of clothes. There are trending and non-trending clothes. You can also try old and latest clothes whatever you want. Your duty is to make yourself more beautiful than others. Then try everything whatever you like.

Visit Friends Boutiques

It is an online game. You can also play it with your friends by connecting your id via Facebook. After connecting it you can also visit the boutiques of your friends. It will help to check the fashion of your friends. By this, you will get more ideas about fashion. You can also give them free gifts and likes in fashion story cheat android.

Simple And Easy Gameplay

The main beauty of fashion story mod apk 2021 is that its controls are very simple and much easy. All the game depends on touch controls. You just have to touch the buttons and the work will be done automatically. We also hear that the developers are also trying to make fashion story mod apk 2022 more easy and initiative.


Is it applicable for IOS devices?

Yes, why not. You can play this on any Apple device.

Does it require a rooted device?

No, you can also play it on a simple device. But before downloading it uninstall the original version of the fashion story mod apk from your mobile.


If you are a real fashion lover and want to adopt the latest fashionable things on yourself then we just say you don’t waste your time and download fashion story mod apk right now. If you have some queries or suggestions then comment below us in the comment sections.

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