Fap CEO Mod APK 0.996 (Unlimited Gems, Coins & Keys)

By | 30/04/2021

This game, Fap CEO is for you as an operator of a company. The most exciting feature here is that your staff are all female and have extremely seductive looks. Here around you, almost everyone is not less than a top hot supermodel. Their physique, appearance, and the dressing way make you sometimes unable to hold. lets you be a special character in the situation when only you have a different gender than the rest.

The FAP CEO mod includes a 2D Anime-style graphic. The way the female characters are created is absolutely gorgeous. If you win the game, you will have unlimited money, so you can hire and upgrade any of your employees at any time. You can also buy or expand more expensive decorations for your office. I also suggested that you can download this game and enjoy it.

As a CEO, you are responsible for finding ways to grow your company, hiring employees, and managing them, as well as finding ways to manage your employees. In case the company is real, then you are one of the luckiest people I’ve ever met. What is the reason? It is clear that all the girls in your company are extremely beautiful and hot, while you are the only man. Along with developing your company, you can find ways to flirt with them, and you can invite them out for dinner. FAP CEO MOD APK 0.938, 0.910, and 0.937 are several versions of the game. You will be able to enjoy a new version with updated features when you download it from us.

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Fap CEO Mod Features

  • Being CEO of the company, you have to select the most outstanding girls among the job candidates.
  • This game comes with a familiar anime graphic style along with the traditional 2D format that brings more excitement to the gameplay. The female characters in this game are very seductive and are described very similarly to reality.
  • The game allows full freedom to the players in flirting with hot girls during the experience. To reach a girl you can chat directly or send letters via emails if you are still not confident.
  • In its unlimited everything version, you can make changes and can make upgrades free of cost. All because of the infinite supply of gems, coins, and keys.

As soon as you open the FAP CEO experience, you will be captivated by the colorful and beautiful graphics. The above impressions are considered positive in attracting players and ensuring they have a pleasant experience. When you have a space for yourself and your employees to conduct money-making work, you will be able to observe the game’s progress more easily than ever. Characters with multiple appearances are an element that everyone enjoys.


FAP CEO offers you a unique and equally challenging role: you will own your own studio and have female employees. Through your beauty, they will be able to attract more customers to your business and generate revenue. It is possible for you to accumulate vast amounts of money by having a certain amount set aside for yourself. Unfortunately, this is not a task that can be completed quickly.

As is the case for other commercial games, players will have to spend many hours in the early game in order to earn money and expand their studio. During the initial phase, it is relatively slow but gets faster as the workforce expands.


In this game, employees have a huge role in providing a steady source of income for you, and establishments cannot ignore their importance. With time, you will become able to create new characters for yourself and be able to use them in various ways. In addition, each character will create a new experience with their unique looks, and you will not be able to look away.

 The simple reason is that you can earn more money by attracting more girls. The increase in your earnings will also increase your pocket size.


: YOU WORK WITH. FAP CEO is much more than making money for you. Managing them takes time, but there are times when you must also build relationships. There is a secret in the Gallery that you’ll spend a lot of time finding. Take time to text and explore them during your free time. You will receive a gift when you reach a certain level.

  • Chatting with attractive women:

This game lets you talk to multiple attractive women at the same time. You can hire attractive, beautiful women to work for your company. It’s not about how they look. It’s about how hard they work to ensure that your company progresses every day.

  • An anime-style layout:

In addition to the traditional 2D format, this game employs an anime graphic style that adds more excitement to the gameplay. In this game, characters are extremely seductive and are described very similarly to how women really appear in real life.

  • Unlimited diamonds, Money and keys:

       It’s unlimited everything version allows you to make changes and upgrade without charge. Those keys, money and diamonds are infinite because there is an endless supply of them.

  • Hanging out with hot young ladies:

Your employees can also be contacted by email or through Hangouts. You can take a walk with them in the evening, talk about how you met, and take selfies together. You may be lucky to find love, but failure can lead to your losing your employees.

  • A unique and free gameplay experience.

If you are free, you can play this game without any problems. In order to win this game, you must be creative.

  • Advertisement-free:

It is an anti-ban application without a ban, so it has no root. But if you face any problem you can easily comment us. So we will solve your query as soon as possible.

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In this game, players develop the company from a single employee like many other career-building simulation games. Meager income supports you well to invest in the future and gives you a financial saving experience. In this 0.938 version, you continue to recruit more new employees to expand the scale of operations after having surplus money.it surprises you with heady earnings growth. You can keep the company growing by working properly on the plan.

Other than that, don’t forget to find a girl that suits your taste. Your success will not be complete if you live a single life forever. Moreover to be successful in this game business results are the only account. You can download different versions as 0.910 or 0.937 for android and can become a successful businessman.

While playing the game, you will assume the role of a wealthy CEO who owns a recording studio. It’s your job to make money from those studios with beautiful girls. The girls you hire will make you money with your leadership. Many beautiful girls can be brought back to your company for development. Each girl will have her own appearance and personality. You need to learn and understand not just their personality, but also how to talk to each girl so that you can direct them easily to profit.

The goal of this game is it is to produce some happiness and relaxation, so you don’t have to think about bringing in profits while playing. You can meet more beautiful girls if you have a lot of money, but they are picky, and you have to text them every day to flirt with them. You will be able to get acquainted with girls this way and find happiness. You can also take the most charming selfies of them if you guess correctly. It is also possible to confide in every night. To increase revenue from your girls, keep upgrading them.

You make money by chatting with beautiful girls, so you need to find a way to attract customers. You can also add some eccentric items to your studio decor to make it more interesting and interesting. When a room is full, you can sell the items and buy a bigger one. Each office has a limited number of items. With the money you earn, you can unlock more beautiful and charming girls.

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Q1 Does this game allow auto-clickers?

Yes, but at a max of 19 cps that t used to be 25 but recently downgraded. The game will not register those extra clicks if you go higher than that and count like you were at 19 cps.

Q2 What do I use keys for?

In Fap CEO mod, you will get many amazing features for free including infinite keys and gems. With these keys, you can unlock ‘Chests’ that contains collectible items.


Guys, we hope that you will enjoy this amazing game with advanced features and download FAP CEO MOD for Android. This game provides you a chance to play with different ladies. This game is free to play. By reading how to play and features you can easily play this game. Hurry up, guys! Download it now from our website because here are all the features and installation guides for you

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