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Post-apocalyptic settings have always been themes that game makers love to use and try to apply appropriately in games. Players can experience many new scenes and ultimately impress many people when things become different from their imagination. At the same time, one of the factors leading to this effect is nuclear war. So you will be a participant in a harsh world, and you will try to make it through. The game introduced today takes place like that, Fallout Shelter.

About Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play simulation game for Android, iOS, Windows and Xbox One devices. The game was released by Bethesda Game Studios in 2015, with the help of Behavior Interactive in its development. The game’s appeal comes from the Fallout action game in the context of the apocalyptic world, where humans are finding ways to survive after the nuclear bomb disaster.

Since it launches, the game has quickly gained popularity among players and critics. It’s no surprise that the game has received many great awards including the Google Play Best of 2015, Mobile Game of the Year – 2016 DICE Awards, and Winner 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld/Mobile Game.

After you build a Vault, people will gradually move to your base. Now, you are a boss, a manager. You need to guide and lead your residents to build and expand the shelter while looking for food, water, and electricity to sustain life. Radiation makes the mouse, cockroach, bugs huge. They will attack your base each day so you need to prepare weapons to protect your base.

The rooms you can expand are available, so be a smart designer instead of building silly rooms. When your population starts getting crowded, problems start to appear if you build your base unreasonable. Remember, large rooms are easier to connect with other rooms than smaller rooms. However, building them takes time and consumes more resources

Fallout Shelter Features


In the fallout shelter mod apk game, everything you can customize on your smart device. This game concept is customization. Most of the gamers like to play this game for customization. If you play this game, you might think this is the best simulation game. So try this game on your android smartphone.

Support most of the devices

This game supports most of the devices. You can play this game on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Playstations, and Xbox devices. This game recently supports tesla cars. So you can also play this game on tesla cars. This is one of the best features of this game. Most game lovers like this feature.

Smooth to play

This game has high-end graphics. So if you play this game, you are addicted to this game. Personally, I love this game’s graphics and smoothness. Most gamer wants to play good quality graphics games on their smartphones and gaming consoles. This is the best choice for those people.


You can easily download fallout shelter mod apk on your android smartphone. Just click the below download button. Now it will open the new tab. Then click the download option on that page. Before you download and install this apk file on your android, you must delete the original version of the fallout shelter application.

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