Duddu – My Virtual Pet

By | 13/02/2022

cute virtual Tamagotchi dedicated to the life of a fearless and restless dog who dreams of exploring the world around him. As a result, you will have to prepare to feed and put to sleep, entertain and protect, teach and help with the passage of interactive puzzles.

The gameplay of Duddu – My Virtual Pet is designed primarily for growing up “why” who already dream of a pet, and their parents are still against it. The time has come to prove the seriousness of intentions and even without hacking for money to deal with all the tests and demonstrate the level of accumulated responsibility!



In Duddu, you will become the owner of the dog Duddu, and every day you will perform tasks to take care of it. Become a friend and a part of its life. Your daily routines like preparing food for it, putting it to bed, taking care of it, taking him to a regular checkup, and taking him on occasional walks around town.

In addition, you will have to perform tasks to help you better understand the personality and living habits of your lovely friend. This will help you to improve your skills and improve your pet care skills. From there, you will become a professional pet sitter.


In addition to taking care of the dog at home, you can also participate in outdoor activities that are fun and rewarding. Step into the outside world with many activities; you will teach them how to dance, how to dance, join clubs or art classes, dancers, play musical instruments, or even exercise. This is a special thing that only exists in this game.

Duddu will show his talent at the art clubs they join, which will help your pet express his passions and help them become active and vibrant dogs. But, come to the game; you will discover more surprises than this.


Here, you can also participate in small but exciting and enthusiastic games such as shooting a ball, racing, solving that puzzle, exploring space, shooting fruit,… and many different games with diverse categories for you to choose from. After completing these games, you will get some bonuses. So join more games to get lots of coins and this attractive gift.

You can use this bonus to enter shops, malls to buy clothes, accessories, and essential pet care tools and decorate and renovate Duddu’s home. In addition to shopping, your Duddu can meet and chat with their friends on the street or in parks and shops.

Explore the dog’s house and clothes of character

Duddu is one of the salient games that was built and offered by Bubadu. The game is available on both Google Play and App Store. You can download free on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS platforms.

In the game, your dog lives in a well-appointed house with many rooms such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. The dog’s bedroom will have a bed, a desk, a laptop, books, a bookshelf, … The furniture is arranged suitably in each room. In addition, the player can redecorate the dog’s house by many new pieces of furniture with different designs and materials. Floor the bathroom and kitchen with wood, or ceramic tiles. Hang new wallpapers in the bedroom. Or buy a new carpet for the living room. The furniture will be bought by coins or gems. Moreover, when you increase a new level, you will unlock the new furniture. You can easily decorate the dog’s house in a classical style or the modern style thank to a variety of furniture system. Also, you can customize the outside of the house. Put a new roof, paint the walls a new color or make a new fence.

Like the different dogs, the player can buy clothes, hats, ties, necklaces, and many things for your pet. Besides, the dog’s eyes and fur can change to different colors. There are many options you can choose. Buy a lot of new clothes and accessories in order to change your dog daily.

With bright colors and sharp images, elements will increase the experience of the players. The character is very cute and funny. Besides, lively sounds help you to feel happy while taking care of your dog. From the sound of dog when he is talking on the phone or is angry to the soundtrack of mini-games.


There are daily challenges in Duddu MOD APK. You should complete them to learn about the dog’s habits. This will build a good friendship between you and your virtual pet. You also need to check your mailbox every day, you’ll find a surprise gift from a special friend. Taking care of the pet gives you a sense of responsibility. You need to make your dog happy, feed and bathe him or play with your pet. The player can look after their dog anywhere and whenever they have free time or need to relax. Because the game doesn’t require an Internet connection. Let’s take good care of your dog.

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