Dragon Hills 2 MOD 

By | 16/03/2022

Rebel Twins is an independent developer, whose focus is on developing high-quality games for Android and iOS. And the Rebel Twins have deftly exploited this topic to bring us cool games. After a successful one with almost 50 million installs, the company continues to develop and launch Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK, the zombie killing game extremely attractive.

Dragon Hills 2 follows the story of the brave princess, who stands up to fight the evil forces in the world. A few years after the defeat of the dark forces, regain peace for the world, no long later the world is facing disaster. Disease strange spread everywhere, turning ordinary people into dangerous zombies. Not only that, the zombies are exploited by the aliens that try to invade Earth.

Once again wake up the fire dragon sleepy, the princess went to destroy the zombies and was determined to find the aliens behind the incident …

Features of Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

Here you’ll find all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Straightforward and funny gameplay right on your mobile devices.

After a long time, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying yet another great action title on their mobile devices. Enjoy the casual and relaxing gameplay as you guide our hero through series of exciting actions, challenge your enemies with your amazing mech dragons. Have fun as you take on interesting levels with escalating difficulties and explore many interesting features the more you spend your time in Dragon Hills 2.

Simple and intuitive one-touch controls

And to make the game more approachable, gamers are also introduced to the simple and intuitive one-touch controls that will certainly allow you to quickly get familiar with the gameplay in no time. Feel free to dive right into the casual gameplay in Dragon Hills 2 as you enjoy the convenient controls. Just tap on the screen to dig underground or penetrate through any structure in front of you. Release your finger and you’ll find yourself shooting to the surface.

Enjoy many interesting maps with fully destructible environments

And as you find yourself cruising through the epic levels and challenges, you’ll also have the chances to explore the interesting maps with fully destructible environments. Here, each level will has its own unique setups and you’ll be able to drill through all kinds of different structures while exploding the objects in front of you with powerful shots. Enjoy the game a you destroy building, bridges, vehicles, and zombies in epic fashions.

Take on endless levels and stages with escalating difficulties

Embark on your zombie-kicking adventures as you hop on your mech dragons and ride out to more than 4 different worlds with 28 towers and plenty of available levels to complete. Enjoy the game to the fullest as you help your heroes to overcome exciting challenges with escalating difficulties. Make uses of the unique powers on your robots and dragons to successfully finish the levels.

Challenge the zombies with all kinds of equipment

That being said, beside the initial mech dragon, gamers in Dragon Hills 2 are also allowed to access some of the most insane and incredible contraptions. Feel free to cruise through the endless levels with your dinosaurs, flying spaceships, and more. Make use of their unique abilities and quirks to effectively deal with certain obstacles

Make uses of many available power-ups on your mechs

Moreover, you’ll also have access to plenty of interesting power-ups to apply on your mechs. Feel free to give your dragon the new fire breaths, Gatling guns, or even powerful lasers to take down any enemies that dare to stand in front of you. Not to mention that you can also make uses of the instant boosts to drastically change the tide of the battles.

Conclusion of Dragon Hills 2 MOD APK

There aren’t many games out there that let you play as a dragon. It is one of the best and most unique dragon games. You can dig deep in the ground and come out and kill your enemies. Your enemies won’t even know what hit them.

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