Devil Modz apk

Devil Modz apk

Devil Modz apk is a hacking tool that can modify the mobile legend bang bang to ease the players. With this tool, a player has access to all the locked items for free. It helps the players in getting extra points and in turn boost up their ranks. Players will become strong warriors of MLBB while using this tool.

Is it safe to use?

This question comes into the minds of every player whether it is safe or not. Here is the answer, it is not safe to use hacking tools to manipulate the game. If players are caught red-handed the gaming account will be terminated without any delay or warning and all the in-game progress will be lost. Ban can be temporary or permanent.

Are there any precautionary measures a player can use to minimize the risk of getting a ban?

Moonstone, developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, is fast enough to ban the hackers immediately. So it is not advisable to use tools like devil modz because they may weigh less than cost. However, following these points can minimize the risk of getting a ban.

  • Try hard to play like a normal player.
  • Use cheat only at the time of dire need.

Multiple cheating at one time can make you suspicious in the eyes of your enemies and they can report at the end of the match. So never be so much devil and let flow with the river.


It not only makes the ML gameplay more entertaining but also easy-peasy even for noobs. The latest edition contains the following list of cheats.

Battle Hack

  • Map Hack No Icon
  • No Grass
  • Unlock All Skin

View Hack

  • Camera Height (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x)
  • 3D View 1
  • 3D View 2

Other Hack

  • No CoolDown
  • Spam Chat
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Black Map
  • White Map
  • Bright Map

Additional Features:

Apart from these lovely hacks, the Devil Modz app also secures the following qualities doubtlessly.

  • Unlock skins for ML heroes at no cost.
  • Also, the drone camera is flexible.
  • Different ML maps are open now.
  • ML gold lets you buy unlimited stuff in the game.
  • It is easy to win the game from now.
  • Devil Modz Apk works both on rooted & unrooted Android sets.
  • Similarly, it can control the MLBB 32Bit version only.
  • It also guides you on its usage inside the menu.
  • A comprehensive menu list makes it more attractive.
  • It has no ads, passwords.
  • You can download the most recent edition right now.
  • Similarly, zero bugs/errors make it a faster tool.
  • Cheats are injectable using the toggles in front of each feature.
  • Many others.

How to Install

Please learn the usage method accurately. Otherwise, you may not run the app properly. So, here is the process.

  1. First, click the download button on this page. And get the Devil Modz APK file.
  2. Install it on your device and open the app.
  3. Click the START CHEAT button, and a guideline notification will appear.
  4. If you have a rooted device, then download the MLBB 32Bit from the app. And use it conveniently.
  5. However, if you have an unrooted device, then the process is a bit different.
  6. So, rename the “” to “”.
  7. Uninstall the current MLBB version from your device. And install the MLBB 32Bit available in the app.
  8. Again, go back to the “” and replace it with “”.
  9. Install the Virtual Exposed that is also attainable in the Devil Modz. Open it and import both MLBB 32Bit & Devil Modz in this Virtual Exposed.
  10. Finally, you can apply cheats in an unrooted device.


How we get and install the devil Modz MLBB?

  • You can easily download this app through the link by clicking the button. When your app is completely downloaded, you have to find the APK file in the download section.
  • The main point is that you just have to make sure the third-party app is permitted on your phone.
  • After that, it will automatically start to download.
  • Go to the setting and enable the unknown resources.
  • For installation, you have to go again to the phone and click the install button.

Once after installation, you can use and enjoy your game.

Devil modz mlbb app is safe or not?

I already mentioned that this app is much verified and you can use it without any doubt. This app is completely safe and secure for your MLBB account.


I assured you that Devil Modz apk is the best option for those who want something new on ML. This app consists of new unlimited skins, cheats, drone view, and many more. you can’t download it from the play store but you can get it through this website. So don’t wait anymore, click the link which will be mentioned below the article, use it and delight yourself with your favorite game.

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