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Dead Target APK is a free offline game of 2021. It is the best time killer action game with a zombie theme. It has an easy control system that makes you an addictive shooting time killer.

It keeps your protection up and hits zombies one in every of the thrilling offline games i.e. Dead Target. It is a nice 3D first-person shooter. The plan of which takes place is exhausted by nuclear weapons and war.

About Dead Target Mod Apk

  After World War 3, the World is a complete disorder and amongst other Tragedies, there is also a Zombie attack that abolishes mankind.

There we will have to face up limitless crowds of zombies, for the purpose of shooting and reloading to test out reflexes and skills.

We will have to explore different places with one main difference in respect of the majority of shooters as we won’t have to move from our position. We will be always in the static position but we will be in the condition to move in the right direction. We can do so as we there the control system on the left side of the screen as on the right side that will be used to choose weapons, reload and shoot. Every weapon which has higher quality is used to stop the zombie invasion.

As humanity is fighting for getting their rights and also for resources balance. At the end of every war, all the living things infect by biological weapons, leaving the crowds behind infected mutants.

By using the most advanced weapons in Dead Target Zombie mod APK, you can survive in this ruthless world. You can hit the enemies of the crowd on his way to buy or to better your equipment that would always be stronger than his rival.

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 FEATURES of Dead target mod:-

  • 3D- graphics are used that make it really awesome and interesting. All of the guns and weapons in it have really different sounds and represent their real-life versions. Dead Target gives you the experience of realistic lighting graphics and also sound.
  • You will enjoy this game by using different weapons like shotgun, grenade launcher, rifle, machine gun, and many more as it all about the shooting. You will know how to shoot with every weapon only when it gets unlocked. But with Dead Target 2018 Mod APK, you can play this game with which type of gun you wanna play. In this version, every item will be unlocked.
  • The main intention of this game is to kill the zombies to increase the rating and unlock many exciting items. There are many quests and achievements which you can unlock only after passing the missions. So just install Dead Target Zombie Mod APK and start enjoying the game on your android devices. Google Play also provides the opportunity to show up your scores on leader boards.
  • It is one of the greatest first-person shooter games for Android phones right now in dead target mod. You will have to use different techniques to kill them all, as there are all types of zombies you have to play with. By going to higher levels, the game will become harder and you will have to shoot the zombies before you reach near to invasion. There are many killing abilities in zombies so beware about each of them is harmful.


  • In order to install, you have to first go to the settings of your phone.
  • Go to the security and enable the unknown sources option.
  • You will get a notification that this step becomes harmful to your phone. But you don’t need to be a worry as it is 100% safe to download.
  • Now go to the link and starts downloading.
  • Wait for the completion.
  • Go to the file manager and open the android folder.
  • Open the Dead Target APK Mod of the file.
  • Click install and enjoy playing this game!

Here is The Complete Installation Guides.


  • Download any android emulator software such as Andy software and it is available for free.
  • Now start the installation of the software by clicking on the installer file.
  • When the process is completed. Then, start the signup procedure and login with a Google Play account.
  • Start Google Play Store app and search for Dead Target APK mod on the search bar.
  • Find the game and click to install.
  • Launch the game and you are ready to play the game.



What is Dead Target APK?

Its main motive is to kill the zombies and unlock more exciting items. It is a first person shooter game.

What are the advantages of the Dead Target APK?

  • The graphics are outstanding.
  • The controls are very best in their way.
  • It has a lot of different weapons.


All the possible information about the Dead Target APK has been discussed there in detail. This is a very fascinating game. We have provided the link to install this game. Hope so, you will enjoy this article as well as the game. So just go and download the game.

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