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By | 14/02/2022

NEXON Company is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to roleplaying games. Its latest addition to the mobile community is Darkness Rises, a five-star combat app that has gotten all its users in a whirlwind. As with all high-performing mobile apps, Darkness Rises has secured a fanbase with its gorgeous graphics that bring all the action to life. The addictive gameplay makes up for the rest, so you have an all-around comprehensive game that gives you everything you need. All it takes is a download button click, and you will most definitely see for yourself.

In the game, Android gamers will find themselves being introduced to a chaotic and muddled world with the Darkness preparing for their grand assaults toward mankind. Here, only fear and terror reign every heart and every soul of the people who have suffered too much from the devastations. If only someone could give them a slight glimpse of hope.

The Kingdom of Losteria is at risk with the orcs’ sudden assaults, thousands of lives have lay wasted as they sweep through cities after cities leaving nothing behind other than the red rivers that run with blood.

In this chaotic and disastrous event, there is little that we can do beside clustering ourselves inside the formidable walls. But this time, even the walls will not be enough to save the kingdom from the endless enemies’ attacks.

It seems like there is only a miracle could save the city and the people inside its walls. And it’s like heaven has heard the prayers of the people, and god has sent a great soldier to defeat the orcs and bring peace to the lands.

And you, being the heroes of the stories, will be the one to defeat the evil forces and bring peace to the lands once more. But you can’t do it alone, we’ll need all the heroes in the realm to our forces. Hence, you can join others in the last resistance from mankind to defeat the monsters and put an end to their advances. Give it your best or our world will be ravaged by the enemies and humanity will suffer.

That being said, you can choose your own heroes in the game, pick your favorite classes, put on your gears and weapons to dive into the epic battles against the forces of evils.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Feel free to create and customize your characters in the game

To start with, gamers in Darkness Rises cracked apk will find themselves having access to the amazing customizable characters. Here you can choose your hero classes and gender. But most importantly, the game will allow you to choose between various looks to put on your characters. That being said, you can adjust your looks with great details using the available customizing options. Explore your creativity and create your characters from the ground up.

Various hero classes with unique powers and abilities

The game allows Android gamers to choose their favorite hero classes with unique powers and abilities.

  • Warrior – The powerful sword master who is capable of performing quick and devastating melee attacks toward the enemies. With decent defense, good damage, and good agility, this hero will be perfect for versatile fighting styles.
  • Wizard – With powerful elemental attacks that can be casted from distances, this hero is most powerful if you give she enough time and space to muster her mana. Feel free to deliver incredible magic attacks that can easily take down the enemies in a single blow.
  • Berserker – If you’re interested in having an all-out assault with the enemies, then the Berserker is certainly your favorite hero. With his large axe, extremely tanky build, and epic melee attacks, this hero is undoubtedly the best class to hold out the enemies while others doing the damages. And if you want to, his amazing axe smashes will be enough to wipeout most enemies in a single blow.
  • Assassin – And for those who’re more into the stealth, fast and decisive attacks, then the Assassin is undoubtedly the perfect role for you. Feel free to slicing enemies with your great damages while staying away from them with you quick dodges.

Encounter interesting characters and discover their own stories

In addition, Gamers in Darkness Rises premium apk will also find themselves encountering interesting characters along their journey in Darkness Rises. Discover their own stories as you join them in the epic fights against the forces of evils. Have these amazing heroes assist you in your adventures as you form up an undefeatable team.

Hundreds of different items and equipment to assist you

Depending on your classes, there will be different items and equipment that you can put on the heroes, therefore, making them more capable during the fights. And as you progress in the game there will be more and more powerful weapons and gears available for you.

In addition, to make the fights less difficult, you can also carry various items that you can use during your fights against the orcs. That being said, you can have your health or mana restored from potions, cure your hero from the poisons or burns with elixirs, and so on.

Get on incredible beasts and blast away the enemies

With the fantasy medieval kingdom theme, it would be a shame if don’t come with mystical beasts. That being said, to help you deal with the giant trolls and orcs, heroes in Darkness Rises can also have the assistance of the eagle, dragons, lions, and many other powerful creatures. Ride on them or have them as your pet to make the fights a lot less challenging.

Take on multiple quests and challenges in this Adventure RPG title

Fans of the classic Action-Adventure RPG will certainly find the gameplay in Darkness Rises interesting. That being said, you can start by getting familiar with the gameplay through multiple quests and in-game challenges. Explore the epic gameplay as you dive into the massive worlds of Darkness Rises. Find yourself slicing through endless hordes of demons and monsters as they try to approach you. Enjoy yourself in the endless dungeons and battlefield as you complete your missions and challenges.

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