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By | 15/02/2022

Since the ban on PUBG Mobile in many countries, Garena Free Fire has now become the biggest survival game. Indeed, Fire Fire now hits a new popularity record in a calendar year. Not only this, with the passage of time the passion for this game is on the rise. If you are a player of this fantastic game, you need to simplify its gameplay by utilizing premium Skins, Maps, Aimbot, Esps, and other qualitative features. If you are worried about the high price of these classic items and can’t afford them, then we have the best alternative for you. Well, instead of the official game of Free Fire, move on to this modified addition game known as Dark Team Plus and enjoy the game in an easier manner.

Dark Team Plus Apk is designed as an exclusive Mod Menu app for the Free Fire game. As such, this FF APK offers a premium variety of exciting game cheats. For instance, Aimbot, Esp, Ghost Hacks, Telekill, Drones, Golds, Diamond, and much other special gaming stuff. With these freebies, you can now overcome all the obstacles that stand in the way of your success in the game. Hence, launch this game on your device and uninstall the main Free Fire game quickly. We cannot promise you will be victorious but you will have a wonderful and pleasant experience with this mod. So, get this FF mod game and beat your rivals facilely and effortlessly.

As we all know, Garena Free Fire is a simple and easy game when you are playing its first or starting a few rounds and levels. Conversely, when you enter the higher echelons & levels, then survival becomes more difficult. Because in these levels you have to deal with pro-type players, and if you do not have the accurate fighting skills and the necessary combat weaponry, you will not be able to move on or defeat them. In this regard, the utility of Dark Team Plus Mod Menu is essential for unworthy and incompetent players who lack gaming skills and cannot afford to invest in premium game resources.


The latest version of this app comes with great features that you are going to love. Following are some of the characteristics of Dark Team Plus Mod Menu Injector but these may change in the newer versions.

Aim Tools

  • Aimbot
  • Aimbot Spot
  • Aim Fov
  • Tiro Aim
  • Mira Aim also available
  • Agachado aim option.

Esp Tools

  • ESP for Fire, Linha, Box, Skeleton, Distance, Moco, Granada, Alvo, Player/Bot, Random etc.
  • There is Esp color also available.
  • ESP Size changer.

Tools VIP

  • Speed time slider.
  • Drone camera
  • Aim Movement
  • White Body
  • Teleport Car

Other Tools

  • Run with MedKit
  • Gold Hack
  • Diamond Hack

General Features

  • Works on both rooted and non rooted devices.
  • It is bug free and have simple UI.
  • No extra Ads.
  • Low in size and safe.
  • Easy to use.

Now with this huge pile of cheats, the Dark Team Plus FF app can be accessed via the download button above. This is changeable compared to other Free Fire apps. On the other hand, Bad Bunny FF and Free Fire Injector are considered to be the closest alternatives to this mod. If you get these two apps together with this mod, then believe me you will easily destroy the opposition. Last but not least, if you want to get the services of this mod continuously, you need to download each new version from time to time.


Is Dark Team Plus Mod Menu 2022 safe to use in FF game?

Well, we’ve considered everything about this Free Fire app, and the result is that this application is quite safe and secure. But to a certain extent. There is no doubt that Dark Team Plus Mod Menu developers add No Ban and anti-detect features to the Free Fire app, which makes it secure. But no one can guarantee when it will be harmful to you. However, VPN is a solid solution if you want to minimize the harmful effects of the app. The biggest reason is that VPN makes a duplicate of your location IP. In addition, please do not use multiple cheats of the app at the same time. Smartness is about using applications’ services one by one. This is great advice for all the beloved players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang.


Dark Team Plus APK is one of the top working hack Mod Menu apps for Free Fire with a great bunch of FF cheats. Yet, this mod is still unsealed & unused. Furthermore, we are providing the latest version of this app. If you are looking for this version on other websites, then you will not be able to find it there. Because other websites have not yet updated their latest version on their sites. However, if you want to download the brand new version then is the only site for you. Finally, we hope you enjoy the functionality of this app and have a great experience with it.

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