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By | 08/03/2022

Dan the Man first appeared in March, but it was not a game but a series of YouTube movies uploaded by Joho Studio. This series quickly attracted a lot of viewers because each episode has a graphics style similar to old platformer console games.

The story is about a guy named Dan having a normal, happy life with his girlfriend Josie in the peaceful countryside. But disaster suddenly came. Josie was kidnapped by some bad guys to some remote castle. Reluctantly, Dan had to leave, join in the journey to fight, and search for his girlfriend.

Most viewers have thought that the content and graphics of this series are extremely ideal for creating a perfect platformer game. But for some reason, the members of Joho Studio do not develop such a game. Perhaps because they do not have all the necessary conditions, they devoted their enthusiasm and ideas to each image and film. In June 2016, Dan the Man officially appeared on the Itunes Store in collaboration with Halfbrick Studios (developer of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja) and Joho Studio. The Android version was also released not long ago.


This game is considered as the 8th part, following the content of 7 parts of Dan the Man. At this time, Dan’s village is being destroyed by dark forces. Your mission is to help Dan fight the bad guys, protect the village. Thereby, he can trace and track down the kidnapped girlfriend.

In Story mode, Dan the Man consists of 12 stages with lots of quests to explore more about the character and the world in the game. There are many mysterious treasures waiting for you. Not only Dan, but you can also join the game from the perspective of many other characters like Josie or Barry Steakfries. Barry Steakfries? Yes. You are not mistaken. Barry is a special guest from Jetpack Joyride. It seems that he was bored with the labs and decided to help Dan protect the village. Interestingly, right? In addition, the game has two other modes: Survival and Weekly.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and intuitive controls

To start with, Dan the Man introduces gamers to the simple and intuitive retro-style virtual controller with simple buttons that fit right in your hands. Hence, you can easily pick up your favorite characters and have them roam the maps taking down the enemies with ease.

In addition, you can also make use of the comfortable gamepads and connect them to your Android devices to enjoy the retro game to its fullest.

Enjoy addictive and funny stories

In the game, you’ll have the chance to experience a unique and interesting adventure with our main character Dan as he sought a way to defeat the forces of the tyrants who’re terrorizing the lands. Find yourself involved in funny and addictive stories as you go. And it’s even more fun with the way the citizens in Dan the Man communicate with each other, you’ll know it when you play.


Last but not least, Dan The Man is a 100% secure Android game, as we’ve tried it on over 20 distinctly configured Android smartphones, having root, no root, low specs, high specs, or even the inferior OS. Ultimately, we’ve got impeccable results on all these smartphones! So now you can fearlessly download Dan The Man MOD APK and start enjoying all the above features at a simplistic gaming interface free of charge! Enjoy it!!

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