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By | 09/03/2022

In a peaceful remote countryside without the hustle and bustle of traffic. There was a guy named Dan who was tall and handsome and fell in love with a girl named Josie. The two of them lived a peaceful and happy life together until one day. Some bad guy came to the village from another place and they took Josie away. Dan is extremely angry when he learns that his lover has been kidnapped. He prepared weapons, food and set off on a journey to rescue Josie. Episodes telling this story have been around since 2010, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the game publisher Halfbrick Studios released a super product called Dan the Man. After the success of games such as Fruit Ninja®, Jetpack Joyride, etc. The game publisher continues to launch another super product. And the great thing is that this game is also extremely perfect and does not disappoint us. Let’s start the journey with Dan to rescue Josie by downloading this gameplay right away and fighting right away.

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Introducing Dan the Man

Dan the Man first appeared in March 2010, but it was not a game but a series of YouTube movies uploaded by Joho Studio. This series quickly attracted a lot of viewers because each episode has a graphics style similar to old platformer console games.

The story is about a guy named Dan having a normal, happy life with his girlfriend Josie in the peaceful countryside. But disaster suddenly came. Josie was kidnapped by some bad guys to some remote castle. Reluctantly, Dan had to leave, join in the journey to fight, and search for his girlfriend.

Most viewers have thought that the content and graphics of this series are extremely ideal for creating a perfect platformer game. But for some reason, the members of Joho Studio do not develop such a game. Perhaps because they do not have all the necessary conditions, they devoted their enthusiasm and ideas to each image and film. In June 2016, Dan the Man officially appeared on the Itunes Store in collaboration with Halfbrick Studios (developer of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja) and Joho Studio. The Android version was also released not long ago.


This game is considered as the 8th part, following the content of 7 parts of Dan the Man. At this time, Dan’s village is being destroyed by dark forces. Your mission is to help Dan fight the bad guys, protect the village. Thereby, he can trace and track down the kidnapped girlfriend.

In Story mode, Dan the Man consists of 12 stages with lots of quests to explore more about the character and the world in the game. There are many mysterious treasures waiting for you. Not only Dan, but you can also join the game from the perspective of many other characters like Josie or Barry Steakfries. Barry Steakfries? Yes. You are not mistaken. Barry is a special guest from Jetpack Joyride. It seems that he was bored with the labs and decided to help Dan protect the village. Interestingly, right? In addition, the game has two other modes: Survival and Weekly.


Like classic Arcade games, the player controls the character through a controller consisting of 5 buttons including Jump, Left, Right, Attack and Shoot. By combining the moving keys and the Attack button, you can create beautiful combos that inflict a lot of damage. Besides, the Shoot key is used when you own ranged weapons, such as knives, shuriken, darts, guns of Barry Steakfries…


To help players feel progressive through the stages, the game allows you to upgrade your character’s power, buy armor and weapons. In addition, you can learn new skills every time you level up.

Graphics of Dan The Man

Contrary to current games, Dan, the Man has 8-bit 2D graphics, graphics often found in classic scene games. The game somehow reminds me of the legendary Mario game. The characters are designed in a cute way. There are many types of enemies, such as robots, ninjas… Also, at every stage, you enjoy a completely new landscape.

How to move

If you have played classic entertainment games before, this gameplay will have the same gameplay as those games. Basically, you will have an interface that includes buttons divided into 2 left and right. On the left is movement, and on the right is the attack and palm buttons. The scroll button will include 5 navigation keys that are forward, backward, up, down, left, right, diagonal. On the right, there will be a system of different palms that increase according to level and strength. The higher you go, the more powerful the leader will be. You can combine or create extremely high-quality combos to have devastating attacks. Each character will have different moves. So you need to learn carefully to understand those moves to be able to maximize the strength of the character.

Upgrade characters and weapons

To be able to destroy the enemy faster and easier, you can proceed to upgrade your weapons. As weapons are raised to a higher level, their power will also increase. At the same time, to increase defense and reduce damage from enemy attacks, you can upgrade your armor. A small note for you is that to be able to upgrade weapons and armor, you need a certain amount of money along with the required materials. Only then can the upgrade process be carried out.

Sound and graphics

The graphics of this game are nothing special and outstanding, but it still gives players the best experience. The characters as well as the images of the game are designed extremely cute. Thereby, although it is an action game, it gives players a feeling of extremely fun. Each stage in the game will have its own landscape. This will help you have new and exciting experiences. In addition, the sound of the game is also extremely lively. The sound of slashing, the sound of using skills make players feel more excited. At the same time, the game’s background music also adds to the drama of the game.

Download Dan the Man APK & MOD for Android

Currently, Dan, the Man has an impressive number of players with over 10 million downloads and that number is increasing every day. It is no coincidence that the game received the “Best of Games for 2016” award for mobile. Are you ready to adventure, rescue the princess?

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