Crush Crush v0.343 (MOD, Hobbytime/Auto Gift)

By | 11/05/2021

No doubt many people have not been able to get the love of their lives up to now, even that we are often told love will find its way. However, not everyone believes these words. If so, then today, our website will give you guys a game used to prove that this actually happens in real life. When coming to Crush Crush, the love will come to the player in the most unexpected way, and the user doesn’t have to do anything. Download Crush Crush mod apk now if you do not believe and experience the feeling of being immersed in love.

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Features of Crush Crush APK

  • First, you have to look for a job to earn money and cure Casis. In the beginning, you can only apply for normal jobs, and the salary here is temporarily enough for you to use to pay.
  • The mod apk brings the advantage of unlimited gems that doubles the fun of this game.
  • All you need to do is tap, tap and tap faster in order to get closer to its destination. As you reach closer to the milestone, it is closer to winning Casis.


The gameplay is very simple, and it starts on a beautiful day when you are on your bike to the grocery store to buy a cake and a bottle of water. However, due to the dove, you will feel distracted and end up accidentally bumping into a beautiful little girl. Here you have to take that girl to the hospital for her treatment. You have to pay for all the money to treat her because you were the one that bumped into her. This is the point that will change your life dramatically into a whole new one. At this time, you will meet Q-Piddy after the accident, that is, in actuality, the matchmaker. Moreover, you have to take care of that cute fairy, and she is the love for you, and so she will like you. So download Crush Crush mod apk even on PC and have your dream fulfill in reality. You can also Use the Cheat Code of Crush Crush in Your Game.


1: How do you get more diamonds on Crush Crush?

By reaching up to the 9th level, you will only get three diamonds. However, with Crush Crush mod apk, you will get unlimited everything in its free shopping version.

2: Is crush a good game?

This game is very simple but effective, and it offers more fun and a better experience. Moreover, it allows the users to play and think for themselves and go about things as you would normally do.

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