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By | 20/02/2022

Launched in 2016, Crashlands Mod Apk perfectly combines Diablo, Don’t Starve, and Terraria. Players will play the role of Flux Dabes, a cargo ship driver, who is being attacked by aliens and crashes down a dangerous planet called Woanope. The tasks of the player are surviving in this world, fighting monsters on this planet, and learning the story behind the attack.

They design the game with 2D graphics with a new, eye-catching shape, and a top-down perspective. Crashlands gameplay focuses on fighting mechanics, crafting. You can collect materials scattered across the planet or from monster parts you destroy to form equipment to strengthen you.

The weapons and armor crafted have random attributes. If you want a perfect or satisfactory item, work hard. Besides, you will not have to fight alone but can earn yourself a pet from monster eggs on this planet.

After 16 hours of our experience, Crashlands is an excellent game with a clear game plot and attractive gameplay. Players will not have to struggle too hard on quests or upgrade equipment. You can also build your base with advanced equipment.


Crashlands Developer: Butterscotch Shenanigans

Butterscotch Shenanigans is a game studio featuring three Coster brothers, Sam, Seth, and Adam. They both joined to create Crashlands. But before that, they were famous for many games. And among them, there are Quadropus Rampage, a very hands-on game, and Flop Rocket, a simulation game. They vote both on Reddit and Touch Arcade to be the best game to play on mobile.

Seth is in-game programming, Sam is in design and marketing, and Adam is in charge of web development and data analysis. All three brothers, although they are on a detour (not a software specialists in the past), they are all experienced people.

They are famous for their products (mainly in mobile games only). One day, Sam saw that ​​making Endless runner games was too old and saturated. He wanted to create something different, a revolution on the desktop from mobile to computer.

Agreeing with Sam’s point of view, all three Coster brothers have joined hands to create Crashlands and although not officially released (only in the pre-order phase), this game has been very well received. It promises to be a new chronicle for Butterscotch Shenanigans.

At 23, the age is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to work, but how unhappy when Sam learns that he has a fatal disease of blood cancer. His illness turned him from being an optimist, cheerful to being upset, depressed, and almost surrendered.

However, the fire inside Sam has not been extinguished, it still warms his spirit. Despite going through the diagnosis and fatigue treatments in Sam’s hospital bed, there is still a computer to work with and love for the profession. It is his efforts that are endless inspirations that make Seth and Adam both remove immediate worries about Sam’s illness and focus on work.

Customize the Character

Perhaps you may not know, but in fact, Flux Dabes is female, not male, so jewelry is indispensable. The cicadas have indicators for you to wear on your character/s body from glasses to many other things. This item also has many types for many purposes. So, also limit it and see what items we need to attach to the body, such as poison resistance, burn resistance, or equivalent stat boosts.

Dharma Productions

We will classify items or anything that you carry on your body as a rarity by color from White-Green-Blue-Purple, and the best in Orange, is also the most difficult item to find. Ordinary equipment will be random from white to purple. Often, it is difficult to produce purple. But in difficult economic times, green or blue is fine.

If you have enough ingredients to make many dishes, try making it once before. If it is white, then exit the menu and re-cook it. The system will feel love and give you more genuine items. As for the oranges, when making them we will fix the quality (100%) and the stats are redundant because it takes a lot of time to make a second orange dish.

Cut, Slash, and Smash

We divide the chief weapon in the game into three types, Sword, Ax, and Hammer. Each type has its strengths, such as a sword that hits fast. For example, axes are slow and hammers have the highest damage. When going out hunting, you also have to know how to hit smoothly without the gray screen and have to go out to collect items.

For example, the sword, you can freely release until the monster shows the attack range, then roll around and wait for a little and then fly further. For the ax, you only need to slash up to 2-3 strokes each time. You can use it to attack, then run to avoid death. And a hammer is the slowest weapon, but any hit is worth it. You can buffer the extra weapons to buy time and direct the pet to attack.


The games that allow players to create freely always bring enormous strength to the gaming community. The image of hand-crafting items, houses, or even an enormous world always makes us fall in love with our imagination. Minecraft, Terraria or Don’t Starve are the prime examples of that, where each has captivated so many players.

Now we will continue to welcome another representative to follow this path, a promising game that has just landed on Mobile called Crashlands. Combined with RPG elements similar to Diablo, Crashlands MOD APK will become a name you cannot ignore in Mobile.

Unlike the gloomy atmosphere of Don’t Starve or the dark background of Diablo, Crashlands MOD APK brings a colorful story that takes place in the middle of the vast universe. There, gamers will accompany a female pilot named Flux, a staff on the payroll of the Galaxy Transport Department. During a cargo trip, Flux is suddenly intercepted by a strange entity and causes the ship to explode while she has to make an emergency landing on the planet below. Now, Flux will have to do everything to survive and wait for him

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