Cooking Fever Mod Apk

By | 22/02/2022

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is an arcade-style cooking simulation game, and it also tops the charts for the most incredible cooking games. The game’s content is simple; it brings people the most impressive culinary knowledge and gives them excitement and entertainment in making delicious and beautiful dishes. Moreover, the game also features many different culinary cultures worldwide, creating the perfect opportunity for players to approach and cook the perfect menu to serve dear customers.



Cooking Fever uses friendly gameplay and is suitable for all ages, but it has its style to provide players with endless entertainment. In this game, players will take on the position of a fast-food restaurant chef, specializing in serving simple dishes such as hamburgers or hot dogs. However, over time, they can develop new recipes or new special dishes, attract more customers and acquire new knowledge in the culinary industry. The game will also feature many exciting things, making the gameplay richer and giving players lots of entertainment besides the dishes they regularly make for customers.


Cooking Fever’s gameplay mechanism is user-friendly and simple, even with simple instructions for the player to prepare a complete dish and serve it to the customer. In particular, almost all processes are automated, helping players focus and more comfortable preparing many dishes at once. Depending on the menu required, players will have to interact with each ingredient while waiting for some ingredients to be processed and placed in the queue. Moreover, players can add many extra things for customers, such as drinks or other things besides the main course. The player’s task is to serve all orders in the shortest possible time, and this game is a perfect challenge for concentration and agility.


For a chef, having the best tools and equipment is the key to improving restaurant sales. Fortunately, the game introduces a massive and in-depth upgrade system, where players upgrade everything, such as raw ingredient value, processing speed, and unlock new contents to serve customers. Depending on each type of restaurant, the upgrade system is different, making the game richer and more diverse for players to discover new things constantly. The game will sometimes offer players lots of fascinating content, even having a big impact on the restaurant’s revenue when it is equipped.


If a player wants customers to be entertained or more satisfied in the meantime, then they can upgrade the restaurant and improve its interior. The interior decoration is simple and user-friendly, and players can upgrade each content to improve small customer stats. In particular, customers will have longer waiting times, more tips, and even bring players impressive surprises. The design of each restaurant is different, so every time players start with a new restaurant, they will have to start from scratch and build an exclusive restaurant chain.


The game’s content is simple, and it allows players to experience various restaurants to discover the excitement that comes from a chef. Each restaurant has a different set of challenges for players to test their concentration and flexibility. When players reach the minimum requirements, new restaurants are unlocked, and they can work and discover new things directly. Each restaurant’s cooking and serving style is different; even the ingredients and cooking methods are plentiful and vibrant. Because of that, each restaurant is a new experience and makes players more stressed or excited because of their increasing difficulty.


Cooking Fever uses a visual graphic that is friendly and suitable for all ages to make everything closer and easier to interact with. Not only that, but the ability to design the environment and the kitchens are full of creativity and novelty, making everything within the user’s reach so that they can comfortably prepare everything. Besides, the game’s visual effects make everything delicious and engaging, even virtually simulating a certain taste in the player’s tongue. That is the great thing coming from the visual of the game, and players will discover new things as they progress with the game.

Attractive features of Cooking Fever

  • 1400 Level: there are over 1400 different levels for you to complete. Great! In addition, you can replay previous levels to earn more coins.
  • Food: a variety of dishes with more than 1300 dishes cooked with 350 ingredients. This gives you a passion for cooking!
  • Location: Many unique places like FastFood, Bakery, Seafood, … are diverse and always updated.
  • Reward: in-game rewards include gold and experience. You can earn by levels up or completed missions.
  • Upgrade equipment: use gold to upgrade kitchen appliances to make dishes faster. Each item has 3 stars to upgrade and after each time the upgrade amount is higher.


With attractive and very attractive features, Cooking Fever Mod Apk has created an unprecedented craze for a cooking game. There are millions of downloads and it gives players relaxing moments. Thereby, we see the “heat” of this seemingly simple game. If you are a lover of cooking or have an “eating” soul, this is a game you can’t miss.

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