Contest of Champions Mod APK v30.2.1 For Android

MCOC Mod apk

Have you ever dreamed of fighting in epic battles in some of the most iconic Marvel locations? In order to do so, download the Contest of Champions mod APK now to play through massive PVP battles. Here in this game, you can take control of some of the most awesome Marvel characters and fight to stop the villains in the universe from spreading out their evil plans.

Make your squad by teaming up with your friends to support each other in alliance wars. And take part in the battle with other alliances from around the world in the multiplayer element of this exciting fighting game. Moreover, you will get a bonus from teaming up with friends, which gives you more power to face enemies.

Features of Contest of Champions

  • Contest of Champions mod apk offers countless new free features that increase the fun. Here you will get unlimited everything such as units, money and much more.
  • All of the items like energy, battle chips, loyalty points, crystal, etc., can boost the gameplay. With mod apk, you don’t have to wait for them because you will get all of them for free in the mod apk.
  • You can level up your heroes with all-new premium features of mod apk more easily. In this way, you can compete in battle with more abilities and skills.


The contest of Champions gameplay revolves around the superheroes characters from the Marvel world. Here you can take control of the famous Marvel superhero’s characters and fight with the evil to stop its spread. You can also play Spiderman, Wolverine, Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, and more in this awesome game. Additionally, your primary task is to stop evil villains like Kang and Thanos from using their powers to destroy the good in the world. Therefore you should download the mod apk now and enjoy being a hero that fights against the evil villains to maintain peace.
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1: Who is the strongest character in the Marvel Contest of Champions?

For instance, Thor is the strongest hero in this game, and the hammer is his weapon. His special ability is that he can stun enemies using special power attacks.

2: How do you get better at the Contest of Champions?

You can get better by taking Advantage of Synergy and class bonus or by fighting arena battles all the time. However, you can get better quickly in the Contest of Champions mod apk as it offers unlimited units and energy in its 2021 latest version.

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