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By | 03/01/2021

A free cleaning app for your android gadgets that increases your device’s performance and working speed. Basically, Clean Master for Android is an app that clears all the caches, junk files, and works for the device’s incredibility. It has many useful features that make your device fully optimized and manage all the background operations of your phone.

It closes all the unnecessary background apps and manages the phone’s battery timings. Moreover, it frees up your phone’s space and urges your device to work efficiently and speedily. So, you can enjoy your phone’s speedy performance by using this app.
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About Clean Master:

It is one of the best Android cleaning apps used to clear junk files from your android phones, tablets, etc. Clean Master boosts up the performance of your device by cleaning saved cache files. The antivirus system of the app scans to find and remove viruses from your device if exists. Moreover, it acts as a battery saver, RAM booster, and supports many more enhanced features.

If you want to know more about this perfect cleaning app then keep reading this article till the end. We hope that it would really help you and you will like it for sure!

Pros & Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the app given below. The pros are really excellent while on the other hand, the cons are very minor and easy to fix.

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pros cons
  • Easy to download and use
  • It will ask for more access to your device.
  • It is one of the best optimization tools for your android gadgets.
  • It may take some of your phone’s space because it is also an application.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface


 Features of Clean Master APK:

  • Phone Booster:

This app boosts up your phone and RAM as well. It automatically shuts down the unnecessary background applications which reduces the load on the CPU (processor). It also balances the phone’s temperature.

  • Battery Saver:

This app can also work as a battery saver by detecting apps in the background. In case of low battery, it shuts down those unnecessary apps and saves power with a single click.

  • Deleting Junk files:

This app deletes the junk files from your phone’s storage. Many junk files occupy the space in your device’s storage. Clean Master frees up that space and increases the performance and capacity of your device.

  • Protection against Viruses:

It also protects your phone from malicious software and infected files containing viruses. As we know that viruses are very harmful to our devices, so this app provides protection for our devices in this regard.

  • Security and Privacy:

This app allows you to set up an app lock on different apps to avoid privacy issues. The data is a very important and personal asset of a person so it should be kept in proper security.

  • Cooling the Processor/CPU:

When we use several apps for a long period of time then our CPU starts getting heat up. Clean Master also provides us the feature to cool the CPU instantly so that we can perform our tasks without any problem.

  • Notification Cleaner:

Extra notifications are really annoying and disturbing especially when they pop up while performing an important task. By using this feature of Clean Master for Android, you can clear all the annoying notifications during your work.

  • Clearing the Caches:

This app also allows you to clear the caches and extra junk data produced by Facebook and other social media apps. This increases the speed of your device and enhances its performance.

How to Download Clean Master:

To download this APK on your android gadget, follow the steps given below:

Step 1:  First of all, go to your device’s Settings and enable ‘Unknown Resources’.

Step 2:  Tap on the download button located somewhere at the top. A file will start downloading.

Step 3:  Once the file is downloaded successfully, it will automatically save to your device’s downloads folder. Go to your device’s download folder and look for that file.

Step 4:  Now, click on ‘Install’. The APK file will be installed on your Android device.

Step 5:  Go and enjoy the speedy performance of your device.

Get the Complete Installer Guide Here:

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 Guys! That’s all about Clean Master for Android APK. It is the best cleaning app to optimize your device’s memory and battery timings. All the main points about this app are mentioned above in our articles like its features, pros, and cons. Download this useful app on your Android gadgets. If you are already using this app, let us know about it in the comment section. If there is any problem with this APK, must inform us. We would love to solve your queries.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and download this awesome app on your Android device now and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does this app contain any viruses?

The app didn’t contain such viruses or malicious files but it is better to activate your antivirus software before downloading any files on your device.

What is Clean Master?

This is a cleaning application designed to boost your phone’s memory, RAM, and to enhance its working power. This app has many advantages and features mentioned above in our article.

Describe the use of Clean Master.

This app is used to optimize your device’s memory, remove cache and junk files from your device, protect your device from viruses, and manage your apps. It is a cleaner as well as a booster to keep your phone safe and speedy.

Write any three features of Clean Master.

  • Memory booster
  • Built-in App lock
  • Battery Saver

Final Verdict

Are you facing the problem of slow working with your phone? Is your phone slowing down? Don’t worry! We are here with the solution. Speed up your phone’s performance and work with this cleaning app specially designed for Android.

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