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By | 22/02/2022

Descendants of the Great Kings, now is your chance to embark on your ultimate journeys into the lands of CoK. Build your own kingdom and turn it into a great land by conquering all your enemies. Follow your destiny as you thrive to become the next Great Kings in Clash of Kings Mod Apk.

Start by defeating the enemies who’re at your door by building up your kingdom, recruiting and training your armies, conquer the surrounding kingdoms to establish your powers. Join millions of online gamers from all over the world to compete for the ultimate throne.


Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Build your own city and raise your own armies

Enjoy this classic strategy game as you build your own city with multiple buildings and fortifications. Explore the surrounding lands to look for resources and places to conquer. Recruit your new troops and train your armies to make them more capable during battles. Participate in multiple raids and tower defense battles. Join your preferred kingdoms and advance your ranks to become King.

Take on a variety of different in-game levels where you’ll slowly get familiar with the controls and gameplay. In addition, you’ll also earn useful rewards that would help you stand against the invading enemies and finally claim the controls of your kingdom.

Enjoy the exciting online gameplay with gamers from all over the world

To make the game more exciting, gamers are also allowed to explore the outside world once they’ve defeated the enemies and take control of their entire kingdom. That being said, you can join millions of gamers across the world as you dive into the exciting online gameplay.

Enjoy awesome real-time PvP battles where you’ll command your entire armies to go against others in various game modes, from defending your bases from enemies’ attacks and vice versa, to taking them head-on in an epic clash between two armies. Nonetheless, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun in Clash of Kings.

Various civilizations with unique traits

In addition, with Clash of Kings, gamers will find themselves having access to a variety of different civilizations with their own unique traits. This includes the famous Roman, Huaxia, Viking, Yamato, Dragon-born, and so on. Depending on your preferences, you can choose your favorite civilizations and dive into the epic Clash of Kings.

Explore the new civilizations of Dragon-born, Viking, Yamato and Huaxia conquer all new territories. With new heroes each with their own specialties battling it out in the ancient valley, these battle-tested warriors are ready for intense fighting action within the ever-expanding multiplayer fantasy world.

Multiple items and boosters to assist you

And to assist you in building your kingdom as well as battling the enemies, the game also features a variety of different items and boosters that you can make uses of. Their effects could be quite varied. For the defensive aspects, they’ll help you increase the building speed, make your building more efficient, fortify your defenses, power up the defenses, and so on.

As for the offensive side, the items and boosters allow your armies to have enhanced strength and abilities, making them more capable during the epic raids against the enemies.

Explore the in-depth strategy gameplay

Gamers in Clash of Kings will find themselves having access to the addictive and enjoyable strategy gameplay where you can battle kingdoms, build your armies with a variety of different units, construct your cities and collect the essential resources, have your dragons assist you in the epic battles, and more. Let’s make your ancestors proud by building your ultimate Empire from their foundations.

Feel free to control your entire kingdom with various aspects to manage, from what to build, where to construct your defenses, how to organize your armies, and so you. You can even go as far as meddling with the diplomacy options, which is quite impressive with this type of game.

And despite all those in-depth features, you’ll not find yourself being overwhelmed at all. This is mostly thanks to the intuitive instructions and tutorials that are presented to you whenever you want.

Earn glories and prestige for your empire

In addition, for those who wish to pursue the extreme, you can find yourself competing for the ranked battles. Win against your opponents in exciting online battles and advance your kingdom in the ranking tables. Earn glories and prestige so you and your kingdom are known by many others. Not to mention that being in the leaderboards also allows your kingdom to earn various buffs and advantages. So don’t miss any chances to make it to the top.


Clash Of Kings Apk features epic visual experiences that take you right into the awesome world of fictional medieval ages. Discover the awesome fights as you are taken to the grand-scale battlefield. Control armies of thousands with the massive dragons. It’s difficult not to feel tremble or get emotional, especially with the enjoyable graphics in the game.


With powerful and impactful audio experiences, the game will make you hooked to the addictive strategy gameplay for hours on end. Be it when you manage your kingdom or take your troops to the battles.


Fans of the famous Clash of Clans and Boom Beach will definitely find themselves enjoying their incredible adventures in this epic world. And with the Clash Of Kings Mod Apk being completely free to play, we don’t see any reasons for you to not enjoy it to the fullest.

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