Call of Duty Mod APK( 1.0.28 + OBB) Unlimited money, Aimbot

By | 24/02/2021

Call of Duty Mobile Mod APK is a shooting video game that is based on World War 2 in which settings are changed with time. It was actually developed in is an intense game with attractive use of tools, settings, graphics, and props that makes it special from other video games and also adds difficulty in higher levels.

MOD APK is the modified version of any app which involves the alteration and edition of some features that were present in the original version.

The modified versions are usually made to defeat the hurdles faced by the gamers during playing. These versions are made in an attractive manner to catch the audience it.

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About Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a war-based game like World War 2. Players will only take aim at the enemies in case of auto-fire. In this mode, the aiming precision is very hard. Because of this mode, the aiming precision is very hard. Because of this mode, you can just aim at the enemy and auto-fire happens instead of thinking and then fire at the enemy.

Players will find all the necessary buttons easily. Battle Royale mode is a horrible mode where players are always busy fighting with real-world enemies while enemies landing the first knock overblow in call of duty mod.

A zombie survival mode also has been introduced that actually excites the game.

It involves unlimited COD Points which are used for buying gun skins, characters, and various items. You can get them by finishing surveys in the opinions of or Call of Duty Mobile CP Giveaways. Otherwise, you have to buy with real money. In the latest version, you can get CP from many other resources.


  • Several characters in this game are unlocked in the mod APK version. If you play the simple version of mod call of duty you need to pass some particular levels to unlock those characters. These characters can unlock only after passing maximum levels and it is a very time-consuming function.
  • Auto-aim/fire points over the enemy and kills them from a distance. After pointing just press the shoot button that will automatically target the opponent and kill them in a very short span of time. During the use of these modes, you have to stay a little bit specific with your target.
  •  COD points are used for the up gradation. You can unlock better weapons and gun skins. These are used to raise the player at higher levels. It has a large impact on the weapons which allows the player to unlock weapons.
  • You can play with your friends by creating a group or team which is provided by the mobile mod versions. You can hit more of the targets with the help of your online friends.
  • There is no need of rooting your devices.
  • Every COD player needs unlimited money for free. This money is used to purchase. Every paid stuff is free to use and also unlocked. You can use this money to buy gun skin or other items.
  • Use skill to be in the top-ranked Mode to win the prizes as you play with your online friends.
  • In this thrilling game, you can compete and fight against your friends as a multiplayer shooter.

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What they offer


This MOD Version of Call of Duty employs Aimbot to assist the User in destroying all enemies in one shot. Aimbot is regarded as one of the key features & characteristics of the MOD Version. An aimbot enables the participant to shoot at the opponent while standing far away by putting the device near the opponent & pressing the shoot button in close proximity.

Aimbot will automatically identify the target enemy then kill it in one shot & predict Aimbot might appear to be somewhat difficult to use at first for new players since the user has to be very specific about where to place the Aimbot. The ability to produce a mark allows the user to murder the object’s worst enemies.

Playing online

A new multiplayer feature of COD Mobile allows players to create teams and play with their friends online. Having a friend helps you to beat as many enemies as you can, it added a new twist to video games & much more chances to achieve the goal.

A fully functional

In order to install and play COD Mobile Mod APK, you do not need to root your Android device. The Mod APK file can be downloaded below along with the OBB file

Automatic reloading of guns

Video games typically require a player to reload their weapons after regular intervals, causing the user to be delayed in killing the enemy & also allowing the enemy to strike back. The Call of Duty Mobile Mod Version, however, does not demand that the players act exactly the same way, as it incorporates automatic reloading for the weapons.


You may unlock & obtain dozens of characters, weapons, accessories, and parts of equipment as you play COD to create the load-out of your choosing. Several modes of multiplayer combat & Battle Royale such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Free For All, Hardpoint, Domination & more enable you to utilize these loadouts in battle.


The mod version provides the players with a tremendous degree of security, where your accounts cannot be hacked or blocked.

This version of the app integrates the anti-ban feature, which prevents the programmers from banning it.

Character unlocking

Each of the characters has already been unlocked at the exact same time without having passed through any particular stage. This mod version call of duty apk mod has eliminated the need to cross & complete a number of levels so that the player can unlock the character he needs.

The unlocking procedure was very difficult & time-consuming on the original version. It was very difficult to form a team for multiplayer mode, but the mod version has eased this hassle by unlocking all characters at exactly the same time for every single player with no specific goal to achieve.

Automatic reloading of weapons

As a rule, most video games require the player to reload at regular intervals, which may delay the process of killing the enemy as well as give the enemy enough time to strike back. Despite this, the Call of Duty Mobile Mod Version does not expect players to stick with the same pattern since it has introduced auto-reloading weapons for the players to use.

It gives you enough time to kill the enemies without spending a second.


  1. Click on the download link.
  2. After download, a file named called COD APK appears in your mobile download folder.
  3. Now enable unknown sources in your mobile phone(Go to settings>Security>Enable).
  4. Now tap to download.
  5. After few seconds, installation is completed.

Check out the Complete Installer Guide Here:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Call of Duty:

Is this Game Paid or Free?

This is free to play. But some items are paid, Which you can only use when you Pay to the Developers. But we Provide you This MOD APK Free with Unlocked Purchases.

Can you Get the aimbot on COD mobile phone?

Yes, You will get aimbot Which Helps you in tracking your Enemies and kill them very fast to win the war.

Is this MOD COD APK is safe to install ?

Yes, It is safe to install on your mobile phone. You don’t need to worry about Mobile Security.

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