Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Apk + mod + OBB 1.0.8 Latest Version

By | 17/06/2021

The newly-released Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies delivers three of the most popular zombie maps from the console version, as well as the 50-level Dead-Ops Arcade, the ultimate zombie challenge for Call of Duty fans.

Using a variety of Call of Duty zombie weapons and perks, you can fend off zombie hordes solo or with a team of up to 4 players via Wi-Fi.

Take a look at the reviews and see what they have to say:

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is a must-have for any Call of Duty fan or gamer in general.” –
  • Dead Op is an excellent mobile app.

By using the in-game CoD Point System, players can enhance their experience and get out of jams. Zombies fans can improve their experience by unlocking additional areas and obtaining more powerful weapons in much less time with six tiers of in-app purchases. It should be noted that only one player can receive CoD points.

  • When you run out of earned points in-game, you can purchase CoD points from the Main Menu.
  • There are many things you can do with your CoD points, including reviving, opening doors, picking up weapons, getting perks, and even opening mystery boxes, but they are only used when you don’t have enough points earned.
  • The revive perk can be purchased with CoD points if you don’t have the revive perk. However, the three-revive limit still applies.
  • • If you uninstall the application, your CoD points will vanish.

Co-Op Maps require both firepower and friends for survival. It also includes multiplayer through Wi-Fi, so up to four players can interact with each other.

In addition, some mobile combat veterans will enjoy the arcade-style top-down shooter found in Dead Ops Arcade, which is included in Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies. In the game’s menu system, you can find four coins needed to unlock the mode.

The platform was well suited

With the in-game system, players can improve their skills and get out of a sticky situation. By unlocking further areas and securing higher weapons in abundance less time, gamers can take their expertise to the next level. A single player is the only scenario that square measures can be applied to. During the Main Menu, you can buy items to use once the earned items have been depleted. If you don’t have enough money, you ought to consider spending on something within the like renewing gap doors and also the mystery box.

It is even possible to buy Revives.

When you die while not having the revive perk, the revive limit still applies. In the event that you uninstall an app, you are out of luck. Make it sweet with a few achievements and a few gains. The difficulty is that you have to like friends more than you like your posture in order to survive these hardships. The good news is that you can play with up four players not just choose your favorite weapons and perks. As if that weren’t enough, there are modes and third-person shooter included. Detecting the missing coins in the menus is all that it takes to unlock the mode.


I would conclude this article by saying that it is one of the best shooting games called Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies and gives you an engaging gameplay experience. There are several kinds of zombie games in which one has to kill bloodthirsty zombies while surviving the attack of the dead.

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