Axial Business Management App For Android

By | 19/11/2020

Axial apk is a commerce app and use to analyze business and management solutions. This app is a fantastic solution to your all Business and Management problems. You must be subscribed to Axial apk to analyze your business and must allow it to Analysis. It Provides you with Different levels of Subscription, You can check their Subscription Here.


  • Real time data

You can get real-time insight into your operations to the minutes by connecting the point of sale (POS) to the Axial app.

  • Real time Operation

Using your Real-time operation you can be up to date with your Business. Actionable data at your team fingerprints improve awareness and allows you to take Fast decisions and feedback.

  • Simple Power Report

What your Business is? It requires a debit to Grow the Business and coordinate with the Team member, For this What do you Expect from Axial? With Report designed for every type of business, no matter it is a Restaurant or other business of any Level, operation Experiences and your Whole Team can Participate in Growing your Business.

  • Time and access

Using this app the employees can access their schedule from anywhere this can be helpful for managing Trades shifts, requesting punch correction, and requesting time off. You can plan employee shifting, punch restriction feedback employee turnover, and employee engagement lower payroll expenses.

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  • Empower your Staff

Using this app you are connected to your whole team and you can encourage them to work better and also notice their performance in their sale contest tied to the items, tip percentage, and many more things.

  • Sticky Notes

This app helps you in Accessing important notes like your important email. You can log your note where they are visible and accessible to use.

  • Schedule

An employee can build their Schedule from anywhere. This is so simple and accessible by the whole team and you can monitor their performance.

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  • Drive Sale

Using this app you can monitor your Team’s working and sales stats. You can monitor your team’s Education and work and you can Better manage them to drive higher Average Sales.

  • Data Protection

We all know data is more important in an organization. This app allows you to Take Backup. Nightly off-site Backups ensure your data protection and you will never lose your most valuable data.

  • Tip pooling

This is one of the most important features of the app.A tip pool is generated Automatically by the default role capable of handling the most complex and simple scenario be fine by you.

You also love Key Master Root Apk this also help you in your Business.


On Subscribing to this app require some Permissions.

  • Storage:
  1. I Can Read and Write content on your USB storage Devices.
  2.  Allow Device to Read content on your USB devices.
  3. (Modify or Delete content of your USB devices)
  • Camera:
  1. Allow App to take pictures and video using device Camera.
  2. This will allow App to Take pictures and Videos at anytime without your Confirmation.
  • Network:
  1. Allow to View network Connection.(This allow app to view you)
  2. Network type and whether it is connected or not)
  3. Allow to View Wifi Connection.(This will allow app to view your wifi network like wi-fi name)
  4. Full Network Access

(This will allow app to create the network sockets , this permission allow app to send data over internet)

  • Google licence
  1. Google Play licence check.
  • Receive data over internet
  1.  This will allow app to accept Cloud .
  2. Using this permission it will incur data usage Such apps cloud cause excess data usage.
  • App information:
  1. Run at Startup(This will allow the app to start just after the system finish booting. This will affect the booting time of the device s0 it take long for a device to start. It also make system a bit slow because the app is running all the time)
  • Battery life:
  1. Vibration Controller

(This will allow the app to control the vibrator and this will prevent the Device from sleeping.)

Axia Smart Active:

Axia is an amazing app used to maintain your seating position. This uses a special chair connection with the app and the app maintains the record and generates the Result of how long you are seating on the chair and provide you Tips to improve your seating position.

Get the APP Here:

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