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By | 15/02/2022

Hello all friends! Welcome back. Today, I will bring to you an interesting game. To be honest, when I was young, I always wanted to become a professional boxing champion. And this game has reminded me of those precious memories. No more words let me explore this application now.

If you are here to look for stressful challenges, congratulations, you have come to the right place! Sit down and let me introduce you to a game that will definitely inspire enthusiasm. That is Boxing Star – a boxing game for sports enthusiasts!

I also just discovered and downloaded this app in the last few days. But surprisingly I was extremely addicted to it. Boxing Stars is a mobile game by sport category. FourThirty Three is the developer of this game.

Although it was released a long time ago – 2018, it is undeniable that graphics, gameplay, everything is still very good! I am sure that the outstanding 3D graphics and engaging gameplay of this game will not disappoint you.

If you are interested in Boxing Stars, please continue to accompany me. Be energetic, buddies!

No longer a distant dream, Boxing Stars will help you fulfill your desires. It will be a long journey, from a street fighter to a world leader. Game modes in this game are diverse. It is not just about defeating your opponent and levelling up. Boxing Stars also has different game modes such as Story mode, League mode to fight directly with other boxers.

The most important task in the game is to train your character so it becomes the strongest in the tournament. In addition, FourThirty Three also equips defenses by dodging opponents’ punches. To do this, combine custom gloves with a powerful punch. Surely no opponent will beat you!

In particular, Boxing Stars also supports online fighting. Players can interact with other players around the world. Therefore, this game will never be repetitive. Thanks to its beautiful graphics and easy gameplay, Boxing Stars is suitable for all audiences.


Here are some significant features that can easily make any gamer enjoy:

Flexible Movement Modes and Diverse Controls

When you first access the game, you will be observed and follow the instructions in the boxing match of the heavy boxers The Grave and Joe the King. This guide will help you understand some basic movements such as Hook, Dodge, keep the body in balance, and some other typical movements in this sport.

Boxing Stars has fairly simple control. Every time a player wants to throw a punch, they only need to tab on the target they have already defined. Specify a swap in the direction you want when making a hook, be it right or left. Simply sweep up or sweep down.

This game allows the player to interact more and control. You can make many different movements to unleash your creativity during the fight. No limit so happy!

Defeat All Opponents to The Title of Boxing Star World Champion

The story of Star Boxing is simple and easy to understand. This game belongs to the category of simulation combined with sports. When you first enter the game, you will be transformed into a newbie in the boxing world. Your mission is to become a champion.

Emma – the strict manager – will be your companion on this hard road. There will be guides to beginners so players can get used to the interface of the game.

You can choose the character according to your liking. Boxing Stars has 3 typical body types and one of them will surely satisfy you. One thing to tell you is to choose the largest body to defeat the opponent easily!

After you have selected the appearance of the character, you will advance to the interface of the game to start your journey. The interface of this application is user-friendly. The left corner of the screen is a task list, with Emma’s face in the small circle next to it. It was followed by a character ranking compared to other boxing fighters.

Every time we win the Fashion Alliance, we will receive 4 awards. If you want to select Story mode, look to the left corner. The support items are arranged on the right.

Attractive when Boxing Stars have two game modes for you to choose from: Story mode and Alliance mode. When choosing the Story mode, your character will experience an exciting career journey. You will turn from an amateur boxer to become the head of boxing. This mode requires you to compete with other given characters to rank yourself.

League mode allows you to challenge players everywhere. The system will randomly select your opponent. If you win, the rewards from the League mode will be attractive. These are accessories that can enhance the power of the character you are playing. Alliance mode has 7 levels from easy to difficult.

To become Real Steel Boxing Champions, players will have to go through many challenges. But trust me, this is well worth it! To succeed, everyone must go through hardships.


In short, I think Boxing Stars mod apk can bring players perfect satisfaction. This game will help you train your reflexes and sharpness. The eye-catching graphics and its logical layout are among the top-rated spots.

Diverse control mechanisms allow players to perform actions in many different variants. PvP mode helps you hone your skills and fight against other opponents. Besides, the Story mode will take you to the life stories of a boxing champion.

At some initial levels, Boxing Stars is particularly interesting. Although the difficulty level is increasing day by day, it is also a challenge for enthusiasts in this sport. Be patient and keep fighting to become stronger and more progressive.

Although Boxing Stars has both merits and drawbacks, every game has such points, right? In my opinion, this virtual interactive app is worth a try, especially for those taking part in boxing games or who love high interactive applications. What are you waiting for, play as a boxing champion now!

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