New BoxSkin v7.7 APK Download Latest Version For Android

By | 02/03/2022

You are the lucky guy who has landed on this page. Since you will get information about a new tool to modify the MLBB, so stay with us. It is a fine addition to the list of ML mod tools that we have already shared with you. This time, get the New BoxSkin 2021 as it lets the users perform difficult tasks in Mobile Legends smartly. So, grab this latest version and personalize the game with many different options.

It is an updated version of Box Skin Injector. Now, it has some improvements & new things in it. You can also check both apps without any payment. Furthermore, these are equally compatible with the MLBB.

During the last year, millions of people got connected with Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Since they wanted to play a meaningful action online game, they selected it. It is not merely a multiplayer game but carries a variety of objects helpful in completing the targets. As time passes, the players need more & more things to stay in the game. Sadly, very few items are usable free, and many are attainable via some real payments through the official store.

On the other hand, MOD tools like New Box Skin 2021 serve us free of cost. The purpose of these apps is to unlock the premium features of MLBB without paying. This app has many features, including drone view, skins for heroes, battle effects, and many things too. One can be a pro player after availing these hacks in their game. Besides, you will continue to pass the complicated levels in MLBB with full comfort due to this tool.

Bellara Injector Mod apk

Skin Injector Unlock All


The number of cheats/hacks and distinctive attributes of this app make it superior to other such mod tools. Therefore, it is the first choice of the majority of MLBB players. Don’t you have the capacity to invest in the game? Then, apply this method since it gives you the following advantages.

  • Before anything, you get various varieties of Drone Cameras in Box Skin.
  • So, increase the drone view from 2x to 5x.
  • Also, Tablet View & a Backup Option is accessible.
  • Similarly, loads of free costumes are easy to use.
  • You get lots of Skins for Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Marksman, Mage & Support under the umbrella of “All Skin MLBB”.
  • Then, 24+ ML Heroes are customizable using the “All Skin Painted” category.
  • “Upgrade Skin” is a new feature in this tool where you have more or less 06 choices to upgrade the skins of avatars.
  • In the Skin section, “Skin Anime/Custom” is the last option. Here, 08 skins are changeable with each other.
  • Battle Effects are the third category of freebies available in the New BoxSkin 2021.
  • You can call back to your dead heroes using any of the 42 Recall Effects.
  • Other ML Effects include Spawn & Elimination.
  • Last but not least, the updated edition of New BoxSkin 2021 brings more than 40 Battle Emoticons in a separate section.
  • All these ML Items are available at no cost.
  • Regular updates are purifying this tool.
  • Moreover, it is the simplest way to unlock the premium features free.
  • The recent update has added more elements.
  • No doubt, it is an anti-ban, safe & secure tool.
  • Like others, it is free of annoying ads.
  • Backup Features is available for all changes.
  • Simple UI & classified material makes it appraising.
  • Besides all, it is easy to use for all fans.

How to Install

Regular gamers will face no difficulty while using the app. However, we have listed all the necessary steps from A to Z for newbies.

  1. If you have an older version of this tool, uninstall it first.
  2. Then, tap the download icon right on this page. And wait until the process completes.
  3. Next, install the APK file by allowing it some permissions as it requires.
  4. Finally, you can launch the installed app to inject free ML items into the game.
  5. Hence, choose one category and pick anyone from its subgroups.
  6. In this way, you will be able to insert free hacks in the MLBB.
  7. So, start the game with added features.

On the other hand, New BoxSkin 2021 is a third-party app and has no legal permission from the game authorities. It is merely to enhance the absorbance of ML fans in the game. Yet, the developers have tried to make it safer & anti-ban. Still, you might face minor issues as it is not lawful in any way. In conclusion, utilize it less frequently to avoid any risk. As a result, it will be more rewarding & satisfying for you.


Multiple injector apps are august for different MOBAs. All fans of Mobile Legends Bang Bang have used several tools to modify this action game. But New BoxSkin 2021 Injector is unique & distinctive among all of them. It not only imparts the gaming items but also maintains a high standard of quality & quantity. Further, periodic revisions sustain its functionality & validity. That’s why it has not left the market despite many updates in the game.

Since the developers instantly upgrade it, therefore it becomes compatible with the latest MLBB edition. If you are ready to apply for the New BoxSkin 2021 APK, then grab it free of cost.

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