Full Guide to Root Master and Its Best Alternative

Rooting your Android device gives you control over what you can do with your phone. You are now able to control the root section of the device, thereby allowing you to install and remove any applications that you may desire. Accessing the root section can also allow you to program how your phone uses its battery power and another essential service. This is a great way of getting Superuser privileges when you have an Android phone.

Android rooting is a unique process that allows you to “unlock” the security measures that were put in place on your smartphone or tablet to secure it or limit its use in the first place. Once you have successfully unlocked these security measures, you are then provided with special “administrator” rights (privileges).

You can use the newly acquired administrator rights to do various amazing things with your device, including installing interesting custom ROMs, uninstalling the stock apps that came with your device, creating additional storage space, and even installing unsupported apps among other things that were not possible before.

Android rooting is a slightly risky process that apart from voiding your smartphone or tablet’s warranty may also end up bricking your device if it is done inappropriately. This makes it important to ensure that you always make use of a reputable rooting tool to unlock your android gadget. This full guide to Key Root Master is going to introduce you to one such rooting tool that is making headlines for all the right reasons.

What is Root Master?

Root Master is a popular leading application that can be used to root or even unroot Android with a single click. This amazing one-click root tool is directly installed as an android application and does not require a PC for it to work. The Root Master app which was developed by a Chinese team that belongs to the XDA developers group was initially provided in the Chinese language.

However, this Android app has been translated into English to make the rooting process a lot easier for individuals that do not understand the Chinese language. The Root Master program can be considered to be the ideal standalone rooting tool as it also provides you with the ability to unlock (unroot) your android smartphone or tablet in a single click.

The popular app is constantly updated to include support for almost all the latest devices. It is, therefore, no surprise that the Root Master program can fully support almost all android devices. According to credible sources, the easy-to-use rooting tool has an amazingly high success rate.


– An easy-to-use yet highly attractive user interface.

– Able to remove root from Android device with 1 simple click.

– Fully compatible with Android 1.5 and higher (up to Android 5.0).

– The Root Master APK file is relatively small in size as compared to other rooting apps (about 4MB).


Not available for PC.

Not sure whether to support Android 5.0 or the above version.

The key features of Root Master

Compatible with almost every Android version. Root Masterworks with Android 1.5 Cupcake, all the way to Lollipop. This means that you can virtually get root access on any Android device, including the older models.

One-click rooting. Once you click on the application icon, you only have to click on “Tap to Root’ and the application will do the rest within a few short minutes.

Ability to unroot a device. With Root Master, you can unroot a device whenever you want to. When you root a device, the warranty is voided, but you can unroot it, but this will not reinstate the warranty.

Add and remove apps. You can use Root Master to remove bloatware on your Android device. You can also use it to install any root-only apps that you want. It also has the ability to back up your game and app data.

No need for computers. This is one application that does not need a computer to root the device. This is an added plus since it makes the whole process easy

Simple Interface with several functions. There are many other functions that you can do with Root Master. You can improve your battery life and a lot more. All these functions are accessible on multiple screens.

How to use Root Master to Root Your Android Phone

Root Master is one of the easiest Android rooting applications to use. It is so simple; a novice will be able to use it with no technical know-how, unlike other applications where you need to be very careful. Here is how to go about using Root Master

Step 1) Download Root Master APK and install the application

Go to the download site and download the APK to your android phone. It will install itself just like any other application. You may get some warnings, but you should ignore these; they come up because the APK will access the root of the phone.

Step 2) Run the application

Once the application has been installed, simply go to the apps menu and click on the Root Master icon. The application will launch and you can click on the “Tap to Root” button or the “Start” button depending on the version that you are running.

The application will root your phone in a few minutes. During this process, the phone may reboot several times. You should not worry about this as it is quite normal.

Steps to Use Key Root Master Application to root your smartphone

After downloading and installing and installing the Trick Root Master Application on your device, open it by clicking on the icon to launch it on your phone.

Click on the ‘Beginning Root’ choice and wait for the next time and click once more on the ‘Root’ choice. Now, click ‘Yes’ to start the rooting of your tool.

This will begin the rooting procedure on your device. Wait with patience until the rooting is done, reactivate the gadget repeatedly, and inspect if the SuperSU mounts on it.

Once the rooting is done, examine the device with the Root Mosaic as well as be done

Steps to Download and Install Key Root Master APK

Trick Root Master APK is initially readily available in Chinese. Therefore, we have to be careful while installing and utilizing the application. The Trick Root Master English APK version is offered, yet it is not yet updated as well. For that reason, it is still only available as the old version. Right here, from this web page, you can download and install both versions of your tool.

To download Trick Root Master 1.3.6 APK, go to “Setups > Security”. Open the “Unidentified sources” by scrolling down the listing and checking the package next to it.

Download and install the file provided listed below. Click on the download web link and most likely to the alert bar. Find the data and tap on it to the ‘Install’ option—’ Install.’ As well as wait for the application installs successfully.

Another means of doing it is by downloading the Trick Root Master APK data on your computer system. And transferring it to your phone via a USB cable, Bluetooth, or ShareIt and installing it.

Alternatives to Key Root

Many rooting applications are offered out there already, which have the same functionality as Trick Root Master like 360 Root APK, FramaRoot, King Root & Root Master APK, etc. However, the current variation of Trick Root Master APK with all the pests dealt with. And upgraded functions are reasonably a lot more preferable than the various other apps. As a result, download the Key Root Master Application and root your tool securely and sophisticatedly.

Final Words

Trick Root Master is definitely among the most useful than the other rooting applications that declare to be. For that reason, download this app without any suppositions in your brain. If you have any problems concerning the installment or rooting of the gadget, approach us for correct assistance.

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