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By | 18/02/2022

Angry Birds Friends is a part of the famous Angry Birds series in the mobile entertainment world. It has a familiar way of playing, and the exciting cast of characters is too familiar. But coming back this time, it is easier to play, more fun. Moreover, the players can challenge their Facebook friends to play with them.

Angry Birds Friends revolves around the fierce anger of Angry Birds. Chef Pig and King Pig teamed up to send a fat pig to steal the birds’ eggs in the forest. Not only that, but they also kidnapped some of the Angry Birds’ friends. Unfortunately, those bad guys were found. But the fat pig was narrowly saved by his accomplices and disappeared in a hot air balloon. The red bird got mad and went to kill all the fat pigs to get their eggs back and save their friends (including Blues, Bomb, Matilda…).


In terms of the gameplay, Angry Birds Friends has added more items, therefore, it’s easier to play and easier to win. Still, for coordinates-based shooting, you will be provided with a certain number of birds by colors. These birds take turns going on the battles. All will concentrate on the left of the screen. On the right is the fat pig team. In this front line, the pigs will be arranged in a random order, accompanied by a solid defensive formation with wooden bars, squares, and triangles forming a towering architecture. Your job is to use the slingshot to shoot the birds in a clever position to destroy the formation and structure of the pigs, making them fall. When there are no fat pigs left in the above structure, you win.

The gameplay is as simple as the other parts in the series. You just need to touch and drag the screen to make a stretch of the slingshot. Then you move left and right, up and down a bit to customize the shot force, choose the angle and align the coordinates appropriately for the birds to rush away. That’s all.

If you pass the level super-fast and skillfully, you will get a giant golden egg. Each of these eggs brings a lot of things to you. It will lead to the egg hiding place faster. After each level, your total score will correspond to a certain number of stars. The more stars, the better, because if you have enough stars, you will open other more attractive levels.


Play the crispiest version of Angry Birds with the newest tweaks

Rovio Entertainment is an industry-changing company and is also the creator of the number 1 downloaded Android game of Angry Birds! If we talk about their journey, we can get through the most impeccable creations like the Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Evolution, Angry Birds Dreams, and the Angry Birds Friends. Well, today, we’re discussing Angry Birds Friends, with all its features, in-game architecture, and challenging levels.

Angry Birds Friends has developed seven years ago, with the main motive of offering you the Star Cup experience. Yeah, You heard right! Here you can take your chances in the Star Cup and challenge the global individuals with your tactics. It’s one of the top-grossing araced games on the Google Play Store, falling under 2-3 different genres, Arcade, Puzzle, Physics, Casual, and the Stylised, only game with this many co-features! Download Angry Birds Friends and enjoy the most friendly slingshot interface.

Enjoy the newest tournaments and the fantastic game modes

Firstly, the Angry Birds Friends version astounds you with the Career game containing 8-10 different seasons and over 300 challenging game levels. Moreover, You can use 50+ powered add-ons while playing these levels and make more accurate shots. Well, It’s not just about the Career missions, but you can also enjoy the rewarding tournaments here starting every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

You’ll get amazed after hearing that Angry Birds Friends is advancing your life with 24 new levels every week. Yeah, You heard right! You won’t ever get bored while playing this fantastic game, as it’s offering you an excellent interface with versatile gaming!

Experience the Angry Birds Star Cup on your Android smartphone

Time to compete against the world in this overwhelming Android game, Angry Birds Friends. Download it right now from any of your favorite sources and start immersive gaming to challenge all the global players. This impeccable series of Angry Birds has introduced the Star Cup, where you can challenge other international Angry Birds players one by one and can win the free power-up add-ons free of charge.


Angry Birds Friends is one of the most content-rich and feature-rich versions of the entire Angry Birds series. It starts with the Piggy Tower, or a Campaign mode containing 110 levels, and afterward, it also offers you a tournament mode, delivering the weekly newest level collection.

Moreover, You can also download the magical version, Angry Birds Friends MOD APK, carrying the premium features like Infinite money and an unlocked shopping menu. Just click the below download button and start your journey today!

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